Singability Launches new Central London Community Class in Paddington Green

Community ‘singing for fun’ lessons, pioneered by Singability, are coming to Paddington Green from November. Held on Wednesday evenings at the City of Westminster College, the group welcomes all levels and inspires a love of singing in an encouraging, relaxed environment.

Founded by professional singer Dana Burton in 2010, Singability started out in Ickenham and is now branching out across the country. On a mission to spread the singing for fun message, Dana has expanded her team to include Victoria Oruwari, an inspiring singing teacher. Victoria is registered blind, and after seeing her determination and inclusive teaching style, Dana was excited to welcome her to the Singability team. 

Dana Burton, Founder of Singability said, “Over the last five years I’ve watched our community class go from strength to strength, and I know that now is the right time to expand and encourage more people to find their singing voice. We have a great central London venue, and a wonderful musical leader, so I already know it’s going to be a great addition to the local community in Paddington Green.”

Singability sets itself apart from many other choirs and amateur dramatic groups by being completely inclusive. The classes welcome members of all levels, even if they believe they can’t sing at all. The sessions allow people to come and learn a new skill in a comfortable atmosphere, make new friends and have fun. Dana created Singability out of these core values and has a firm standing on auditions and putting pressure on performers who are just looking for a fun hobby.

Dana added, “I started up Singability when I used to perform with a local am-dram group who were very selective in their castings. When the same people used to audition and get singled out without a part in a performance, I thought it was about time an inclusive performing arts society was founded. I know all too well the pressure and cruelty of the professional entertainment industry, but it has no place in the community. People want to join in for fun and to gain confidence, so I felt compelled to start a group where as a rule there were no auditions – anybody was welcome to come and sing.”

The Singability groups have a very varied repertoire, which appeals to a wide range of age groups and personal tastes. From classical, jazz and musical numbers to pop songs through the ages, there really is something for everyone. The group also provides opportunities to perform within the community and take part in Singability’s own performances. Members are encouraged to join in the performances but it is completely optional – all part of the focus on fun.

Not only are the singing sessions fun and a way to make new friends, singing has a number of health benefits and can combat personal issues such as shyness and improve public speaking skills. It’s a natural stress buster and mood enhancer, and can even improve posture.

Singability allows new members to have a taster session for free. For more information about the new class in Paddington Green visit the website:


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Singability is an inclusive amateur singing group with various clubs around London. Singing with Singability increases confidence in a friendly environment and reaches all levels of experience. Repertoire includes a wide variety of songs, from many different styles, including choral music, contemporary, and musicals, learnt in a relaxed, fun and stress-free way.