Smarty wants change the way small businesses operate

Smarty Software, the UK’s newest and most intelligent automation software, is on a one company mission to change the face of small businesses forever. Doing the job of multiple workers and expensive tools, the intuitive platform helps business owners to manage their business more efficiently, and as a result, help small companies to buck the trend of expected failure.

According to figures, one in nine small businesses fail, however in an era of economic uncertainty, there’s no wonder start-ups are on the rise as people take employment into their own hands. At the start of 2015, small businesses accounted for 99.3% of all private businesses – while 99.9% were SMEs. Smarty is specifically designed with SMEs in mind. Making it easy and affordable for small companies to have access to the resources readily available for larger conglomerates, it provides users with a highly intelligent platform for monitoring all aspects of a business – saving them time and money.

Farhad, Reyazat, Founder & CEO, said, “Amid challenging economic and regulatory threats, small businesses remain the engine of the British economy. According to FSB small business confidence, business revenue and profitability growth have all declined across the UK. Despite the headwinds facing SMEs over the next quarter, small businesses report that they would like to export more, and to increase employment, profitability and revenue in the next quarter. I believe software like Smarty can drastically help improve probability of the micro businesses and help them grow.”

Designed by a group of entrepreneurs who know first-hand the struggles start-ups face, the platform covers a plethora of areas for businesses. Doing the job of a PA, accountant, sales manager and web marketing expert, the Smarty platform allows individuals to focus on growing their business and shrinking their workload. Incorporating multiple platforms into one, the Smarty analyses vital parts of businesses and summaries performance in simple to understand reports.

Agnes Gradzewicz, Co-Founder & CMO, added, “When starting new ventures, managers need to be multi-skilled and capable in numerous aspects of the business as they are in charge of all the operations taking place. For someone inexperienced it can be a disaster and the business can soon begin to fail. A good manager needs to be able encourage productivity, delegate effectively and is a strategic thinker who is able to look at the ‘bigger picture’ for the business. We have designed the software that helps micro businesses operate their sales, marketing and business operations. At the tap of the finger they can monitor their cash flow, issue an invoice on the go, send promotional campaign or create a website.”

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Smarty is a powerful software company based in London. Founded in 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs who understand the business world and its challenges, Smarty is designed to fill the gaps and assist businesses with the common problems that both new and growing companies face.