SMOKO Offers Free E-Cig Starter Kit for Those New to Vaping

The premium provider of electronic cigarettes has a great offer for new customers.

SMOKO, one of the UK’s leading providers of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids, is offering a totally free e-cig starter kit for those who are new to the vaping phenomenon.

The SMOKO E-Cigarette Starter Kit comes with a premium SMOKO rechargeable battery, two tobacco-flavoured refills (the equivalent of around 40 cigarettes each), a USB charger to keep the e-cig charged, and a stylish brushed metal case to carry the kit around with ease. Users interested in snapping up a free starter kit simply pay £5.95 for UK postage and packing (£16.95 for International customers) to have the entire kit shipped directly to their doorstep.

With millions of people in the UK taking up vaping as a way to help them move away from smoking traditional cigarettes, SMOKO’s limited-time offer is designed to help introduce a new audience to the benefits of e-cigs, helping them to save money, improve their health and get their confidence back.

Mike Cameron, CEO and Co-Founder of SMOKO Electronic Cigarettes says, “Many people are still unaware of the benefits of switching to vaping, and our offer of a free electronic cigarette starter kit offers a great, pressure-free, no-obligation way for smokers to see what the fuss is about. With our starter kit, they can still enjoy the nicotine kick, the sensation and the tobacco taste they’re used to, without all of the carcinogens and added chemicals that come in regular cigarettes.”

Cameron adds, “The kit was designed by ex-smokers, so it’s been created specifically to appeal to those who are looking to change their life by cutting back on their cigarette consumption. With everything you need to get started, provided in a convenient brushed metal carry case, the SMOKO E-Cigarette Starter Kit is perfect way for those intrigued by vaping to give it a go and see what they’re missing.”

SMOKO’s full range of e-cigarettes only use ingredients that are made in the UK, with all ingredients in the e-liquids made to pharmaceutical grade. The base components for the e-liquid range include Propylene Glycol, which is used in soft drinks, Vegetable Glycerine, used in sweets and chewing gum, traditional food flavouring, and of course, nicotine. This ensures that, as a smoking alternative, e-cigarettes from SMOKO are much safer, with less of the health risks that come with smoking tobacco.

The cost savings of e-cigarettes are sure to appeal to many smokers tired of paying premium prices for their nicotine hit. A pack of twenty cigarettes can cost anywhere between £8.00 and £9.50 in the UK, whereas SMOKO e-cigarette refills, which equate to around 200 cigarettes, cost just £12.50 for a pack. That a massive saving of up to 80% compared to traditional cigarettes! Smokers switching to e-cigs have been known to save thousands every year, giving them more financial freedom to go with the health benefits.

Mike Cameron continues, “We’ve estimated that the average smoker, smoking around ten cigarettes per day, could stand to save £1,386 every single year by switching to e-cigs – that’s a holiday, a deposit on a car, or a brand new wardrobe!”

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