Social Self Help Site Helps Members Optimise Life

Self-help is given a digital edge this month as Geritology launches its inspirational new platform designed to turn aspirations into actualities. The purpose built ‘Dream Centre’ supports a dynamic community of go-getters wanting to connect with a global community of individuals holding with similar targets in mind. 

Rather than rely on a personal network of friends and family to support the goal chasing journey, Geritology offers members access to thousands of like-minded individuals with analogous ambitions on their minds. Once profiles are made and goals are established, Geritology encourages members to ‘go gerit’ and turn their wildest dreams into tangible realities.

A company spokesperson said, “The internet has completely reimagined the way in which the world communicates. New tools such as social media have allowed society to overcome geographical barriers and stay in touch with acquaintances far beyond their immediate location. Geritology reaps the power of connectivity with a global support network of fellow go-getters from around the world. While an individual may not personally know someone who is also dreaming of building their own home, Geritology gives them the opportunity to connect with likeminded individuals to create a mutually supportive, goal oriented relationships.”

After joining the Geritology community new members are invited to choose from a range of different goal categories. These include business, charity/giving, cool stuff I want, family/friends/relationships, financial, fun/parties, health/fitness, hobbies/learning, self-improvement, jobs/careers, travel/adventure, home and wild/wacky. Whatever the goal, the diverse range of Geritology categories ensures that every member can connect with parallel thinkers. 

Once selected goal setters can then start to specify exact details to create an objective that’s clear cut and destined for success. Content includes a concise description of the overall goal as well as why it’s on the cards.

To boost goal achievement rates Geritology draws on the power of social media with a one click ‘share to Facebook’ option. Goal profiles can be enriched with images to boost inspiration levels.

All goal setters are granted access to a custom interface. Here they can manage personal goals and view the goals of members they’re following.

Each individual goal is accompanied by a handful of tips designed to inspire, motivate and enthuse. For example, the goal of finding a boyfriend or girlfriend features ideas such as joining dating sites, working on self-confidence and reading up on body language signs. Users can also create their own unique ideas to get the ball rolling.


Dakota Digital for Geritology

Contact: Rebecca Appleton


Tel UK: 01623 428996

Tel US: 917-720-3025


Geritology is an exciting new social self-help website designed to connect goal setters across the globe. The platform is open to people of all ages and backgrounds, with the intention of helping members tap into the support of likeminded individuals in order to learn the secrets to living the life they want.