Sovereign Software Developer Unveils New Era of Remote Desktop Management

An independent software developer is reimagining the desktop experience with a self-built solution to accessing screens from anywhere, at any time. Featuring client side encryption and superlative security measures, Andama is set to emerge as a must download open source remote desktop software tool for both individuals and businesses wanting to arm themselves with the next generation of IT technology. 

Using cutting edge technology backed with innovation, experience and talent, Yiannis Bourkelis has developed an open source remote desktop software solution that enables users to remotely connect to and control any device. Once connected users can use the mouse and keyboard to control remote computers for an experience that simulates the convenience of hand to keyboard contact. This ensures that users can maintain productivity, regardless of geographic location.

With an easy setup process, Andama is ideal for individuals and SMEs with limited technical knowledge or access to IT support. The software shuns the need for complicated router setup and knowledge of the remote computer IP, replacing it with the Andama Proxy server application that requires nothing more than the ID and password of the remote computer. The product is written in pure C++ using Qt Framework for cross platform UI code, Andama is armed with the best native performance and memory usage on every platform.

Andama supports an array of different applications, from helping friends with computer qualms, remotely accessing personal data stored on different devices, administrating multiple business PCs without the need for physical contact and providing personalised support to clients. As a FREE platform, Andama is also a valuable resource for the legions of SMEs that fuel the global economy.

“Contemporary workplaces are becoming increasingly dynamic, which calls for innovative new solutions that facilitate productivity on-the-go. Andama answers this demand with an innovative new software solution that allows users to connect and control external devices without “the need for physical proximity,” explains Yiannis Bourkelis.

To fast-track the software to the global IT market Bourkelis has launched an Indiegogo campaign aiming to raise $80.000. Investors are offered tiered rewards, including early access to compiled binaries, personal recognition as a dedicated contributor and the opportunity to place advertising banners on the main screen of the Andama application. With a working preview of the software already available to download, investors enjoy the total peace of mind that the project is being actively tested.   

“I’ve spent hundreds of hours developing Andama and wanted to ensure that before I kicked off the fund sourcing process the software was underpinned with all the necessary elements for success. Now this has been accomplished I’m ready to move Andama to the next level and release the first stable version.”

With the Andama source code freely available on GitHub, anyone with technical skills will be able to check the software performs as it should.

When developing Andama, Bourkelis placed a paramount focus on privacy. Client side encryption means that all information is encoded before users leave devices. By offering users access to program source code Andama reinforces the experience with the reassurance that all data is 100% protected against covert spy activity.

Andama will run on all major operating systems including Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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Andama is an innovative new open source remote desktop software tool developed by independent software designer, Yiannis Bourkelis. It facilitates remote access to any computer for easy access to documents and data, on-the-go.