Specialist Retail Marketing Service rais Ready for Launch

Built specifically for retailers by people who understand retail customer data, the brand new customer intelligence and relationship management tool, rais, is gearing up for its official launch following successful rounds of investment. It has secured a combination of both private angel investment and governmental funding and built up an outstanding portfolio of case studies, showing strong results for small and mid-size retailers.

Digital marketing and communications are an essential part of what it means to succeed as a modern retail business, particularly with the accelerating rise of ecommerce popularity. Rais taps into this need, fulfilling a host of complex marketing capability to help retailers do one thing well – get a better return on their customer relationships.

Rais is transformative, turning brands into really relevant retail marketers, effortlessly. It helps users seamlessly grow their email marketing lists and customer acquisition efforts with cool automation and cutting-edge ecommerce tech.

Rais Founder Will Young, created the service to fill the digital expertise void of smaller businesses. Rais is purpose designed to help retail businesses and business owners who are hindered by either time constraints or simply the lack of required digital advertising expertise to succeed in an increasingly online market. So many of our customers have a wealth of experience in their industry and know their product inside out, but without recruiting expensive and difficult to find digital specialists, achieving digital marketing success is tough. Trial and error can often be a very costly process. Rais has been built specifically to fill that gap as a highly effective yet affordable solution.”

Rais uses existing and gathered customer data from a given business to provide a breakdown of customer types and segments. Marketers can better understand their customer relationships and behaviours – this means more personalised communications for each customer group. The result is a better response from digital advertising and other communications channels. Rais helps users to communicate with customers through popular channels including email, Facebook, SMS and even direct mail. Over 96% of UK businesses use email as a form of marketing communication but many still don’t use any targeting or segmentation techniques in order to improve response.

Young adds, “Essentially Rais helps retailers to talk to customers in the context of their status with that particular retailer. This means acknowledging the fact that they’re a brand new customer, or an important repeat customer, or someone who hasn’t bought in a while or someone who might like a particular new product or an item that’s been reduced to clear. These types of message should only go to certain individuals – Rais enables that to happen.” Rais offers a variety of automated services particularly for automated email campaigns through existing email platforms like Mail Chimp. These campaigns will treat your audience segments individually providing customised messaging specific to each group and send out email communications on set days and times of the week so business owners and marketers don’t need to let them live in real time. 

Rais already has some inspiring results from existing clients experiencing improved response rate and reduced acquisition costs for their marketing efforts. We’ve found rais to be a great support to our business. Their team helped us with our marketing plan, covering how best to communicate with our current customers but will also be helping us to find new ones” rais customers Molly and Harriet, owners of Secret Linen Store.

With official launch now occurring and new rounds of funding including the government grant to allow the company to invest in increased machine based learning techniques with regard to the interpretation of audiences and consumers. Rais is set to be the retail business owner’s best friend. For more information on rais and the services on offer, visit www.rais.io  


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About Rais

Rais (pronounced raise, and an acronym for retain, acquire, interpret, sell) is an online subscribed data driven customer analysis, segmentation and communications tool used to deliver efficient personalised marketing solutions for businesses that lack the time and specialist resource to do so themselves.