Specialist Uses ‘Psychological Bag of Tools’ to Help Battle Mental Health Issues

Internationally acclaimed psychologist Wendy Dignan has a myriad of tricks up her sleeve, based on years of experience and a genuine passion for helping others. Dignan is renowned for her multi-disciplinary approach, drawing on a ‘psychological bag of tools’ to create lasting results. Encompassing Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT), Brief Solutions Focused therapy, Hypnosis and a sound knowledge and training in Psychology and Psychotherapy, this toolkit has earned Dignan a reputation as one of the UK’s most in-demand therapists.

“When it comes to therapy a one size fits all approach is simply not productive. Instead, I use an array of different techniques to ensure that every client receives a bespoke experience designed to fast-track the road to recovery,” says Dignan.

Dignan employs her psychological bag of tools’ to treat a comprehensive range of mental health issues, including anxiety, anger, depression, eating disorders, grief, phobias, weight loss, stress, self-harm and more. By carefully selecting the right ‘tools’ for each job Dignan is able to customise treatment plans and offer clients an inherently personalised journey.

Comprising of both mental and social techniques, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is based on the theory that feelings are a direct extension of thoughts. During sessions Dignan uses CBT to actively challenge and change maladaptive and self-defeating cognitions.

Accompanying CBT is a social constructionist based technique known as ‘Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). By encouraging clients to envisage the future they’d like to experience, as opposed to the problems that triggered their need for help in the first place Dignan is able to facilitate long term results through constant, proactive change.

While hypnosis is often accompanied by a stigma, Dignan utilises it as a scientific tool that enables clients to empower their minds with clarity and concentration. By encouraging the use of imagination, presenting suggestions and encouraging unconscious exploration Dignan taps into hypnotic capacities in order to effectively change aspects of a person’s physiological and neurological functions.

All three intervention techniques are underpinned by Dignan’s extensive professional and pragmatic training in Psychology and Psychotherapy. As a psychologist she is able to gain a deep understanding of behavioural traits, while her medical training as a psychiatrist arms her with the experience to medicate as necessary.  

Using this integrated approach Dignan is able to create bespoke treatment plans that are optimised to meet the exact needs of individual clients. For Brits on the brink of taking on their mental health issues head on, Wendy Dignan and her psychological bag of tools’ are just what the doctor ordered.

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Wendy Dignan is an internationally acclaimed psychologist offering clients a reange of mental health services. She operates from two practices located in Wilmslow, Cheshire and Harley Street, London.