SS16 From AGA Couture London – ‘Shades of White’

This summer season, a sea of shimmering snowy tones cascades from the catwalk to the wardrobes of the contemporary women as the SS16 ‘Shades of White’ collection from AGA Couture London is available and ready to wear.

‘Shades of White’ first captivated audiences at London Fashion Week in 2015 and is now available to transform women across the nation into sensual sirens during those long summer evenings that are soon to come.

“The “Shades of White” collection is inspired by the concept of contemporary femininity: strong, confident, emancipated yet subtle, gentle and thus stunning. The fabric I used also helped suggest the form and flow of each piece”, commented Agnieszka Klaput, creator of AGA Couture London. “Once all is put together, having fun with accessories is simply the icing on the cake. I believe that a well-tailored outfit can transform a person and I am always more than happy to help when help is needed”.

Travel and nature is often awash with inspiration for the creative mind and for AGA it is no different, with the name and concept for the collection emerging after a visually stimulating trip to the Swiss Alps. The glistening mountain tops of the alpine region are reflected by the luxurious fabrics in subtle tones used throughout the collection.

Agnieszka Klaput continued, “I brought this concept back with me from my recent visit to the Swiss Alps, where I was absolutely breath taken by the magnificent beauty of the nature. I adored moments in the sun watching shades of white freely move over the mountaintops, which left me totally mesmerised’.

Standout pieces include a cream jumpsuit with a plunging neckline, expertly crafted from the finest silk fabric. The billowing sleeves and harem style trousers are complimented by the off-white colour, reminiscent of the sun setting softly in the mountains of which the outfit was inspired by. A floor length gown in a bridal white hue provides a fresh, crisp elegance to the collection, with a tailored bodice highlighting the feminine waist as the ground skimming fabric makes the wearer as powerful as the Swiss alpine peaks themselves.

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AGA Couture London is the self-built fashion empire of Polish born designer, Agnieszka Klaput. Defined by luxurious fabrics, earthy colours and limitless creativity, AGA Couture creates pieces for the contemporary, self-empowered woman.