Stand Out in Competitive Jobs Market with Multiple Languages and Qualifications

The UK’s newest hospitality training platform is giving applicants an overriding edge, with a curated range of courses covering key learning areas. Convenient, cost effective and CPD accredited, The Training Terminal is a hospitality hub for aspiring professionals wanting to stand out in the fiercely competitive modern job market.

While UK unemployment fell to just 5.2% in 2015, the jobs market remains hugely competitive. The hospitality sector is particularly cut throat, with the latest statistics from CV-Library revealing that there are 25.9 applicants for every posted job. This makes it the sixth most competitive sector in the UK. For candidates, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd in order to score a position.

Hospitality hub The Training Terminal is helping applicants do just this, with a core range of six courses. Current options include Food Safety Level 1, 

Food Safety Level 2, Food Allergens, Health and Safety Level 1, Health and Safety Level 2 and Introduction to Hotel Revenue Management. Over the next few months the in-house development team will debut a new range of specialised courses, with a niche focus on coffee, wine, cocktails, fire safety, customer service, manual handling and more.

Mark Illingworth, Commercial Director, says, “It’s great to see the British jobs market making a recovery, however the demand for employment doesn’t quite meet supply, which has created a bit of a gap. With over 25 applicants vying for every advertised hospitality role, it’s important for candidates to hone in on their CV strategies and do everything they can to get noticed. With The Training Terminal, hospitality applicants can upskill with CPD accredited courses that will win them instant credibility.”

In a competitive move of its own, The Training Terminal offers all content in ten different languages. As well as English, hospitality applicants can also complete training in Polish, Spanish, Russian, French, Greek, Italian, German, Portuguese and Simple Chinese. As the British hospitality industry is markedly multicultural, the option of completing training in a language other than English is a great way for students to get the most out of every course.

Robyn van der Toorn, Creative Director, says, “Multiculturalism is particularly colourful within Britain’s hospitality sector, and while most employees are required to speak English it’s not necessarily their first language. This means that when it comes to learning, content is far more effective when delivered in their native tongue. We appreciate this factor, which is why we’re debuting our core courses in ten different languages. To us, this ensures a fairer learning experience for all.” 

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The Training Terminal is a renowned hospitality training provider synonymous with quality. The group offers a range of CPD accredited courses, in ten different languages namely English, Polish, Spanish, Russian, French, Greek, Italian, German, Portuguese and Simple Chinese. All courses are completed online, with hands-on tutors available for personalised support.