Start the tax year with maximum efficiency, using automated accounting tools from Smarty

April 1st marked the start of the new tax year, and as a result, many businesses are looking for new ways to streamline their finance departments. Smarty Invoice, part of Smarty Software is a revolutionary automated accounting service that can change the way businesses organise accounts forever.

Doing the job of an in-house accounts team, the Smarty Invoice possesses an array of unrivalled features. Monitoring bank accounts, sending reminders about due or overdue payments, issuing invoices, and keeping track of VAT and expenses are just some of the fundamental features of innovative software. Allowing businesses to export detailed finance reports with a few clicks of your mouse, Smarty Invoice ensures maximum efficiency with minimal effort.

Farhad Reyazat, CEO of Smarty Software said, “Smarty Software is a truly ground-breaking piece of software, and we’re really excited to finally bring it to the market. Finance departments are the backbone of many business, and Smarty Invoices is a powerful part of the software that can help them work more effectively. The new tax year provides organisations with the ideal opportunity to overhaul their finance departments for the 2016-17 tax year, and ensure a more refined process going forward.”

Automation has become extremely popular for businesses far and wide over the last couple of years. Proving a key role in streamlining an array of business processes, from chasing up sales to organising appointments, automation saves businesses both time and money by allowing them to increase their sales and customer base while developing their offering. Smarty Invoices is just one segment of Smarty Software, a new online automation software that seamlessly does the jobs of multiple employees at a fraction of the cost. Ideal for both SMEs and larger organisations alike, Smarty Software looks set to transform businesses everywhere.

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Smarty is a powerful software company based in London. Founded in 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs who understand the business world and its challenges, Smarty is designed to fill the gaps and assist businesses with the common problems that both new and growing companies face. Doing the job of a PA, accountant, sales manager and web marketing expert, Smarty can help businesses cut down on costs, while helping to streamline activities.