Start Up Success Story Valued at Over £5 Million

Two mavericks of the start-up generation have created an online multi-million dollar web platform, while holding down full-time jobs.  With a financial injection of only £3,000, two friends, Shahid Maqbool and Miha Jakovac, created online B2B market place which is now valued at over £5 million. The valuation figure is based on the highly lucrative b2b market and user traction, compared with similar start-ups and tech analyst reports.

“The premise was simple”, said founder Shahid Maqbool. “We simply understood that trust cannot be bought.”

Mango B2B helps more than 40,000 businesses trade in over 10,000 products.Buyers and sellers come from over 160 countries around the world.  Mango B2B works on fees paid and commissions earned through the practice of closed B2B transactions. The B2B platform includes a number of functions designed to help other business owners trade successfully online. These include B2B directory business, classifieds business, trade shows and businesses for sale listings.

The founders of Mango B2B say that they have been able to learn from and capitalize on the mistakes of other online marketplaces. This study of what not to do has helped the platform to successfully avoid financial and PR disasters. Particularly relevant were the lessons learned from the Alibaba fraud scandal of 2011, where suppliers were able to buy a ‘Gold Trust Pass’ for $5,000, a scheme that created loopholes through which fraud was readily carried out.

Maqbool said, “Mango B2B has been grown first and foremost on a solid foundation of trust. That’s not by chance or by happy coincidence. We’ve worked hard to verify the authenticity and credibility of every supplier on our site. Mango’s verification process means that both sides entering into a trade agreement can operate with confidence and certainty. Our success depends on the success of the relationships that we help create – that’s why you simply cannot buy your Mango B2B status, you have to earn it.”

The platform looks certain to go from strength to strength and has already attracted attention from major global names including Adidas, Home Depot, Cargill, Harrods, Aldi and John Lewis.

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To speak with the founders of Mango B2B directly contact Shahid Maqbool. Tel: 44 845 299 0706, or email

To find out more about Mango B2B, contact Shahid Maqbool. Tel07973 722251 or email: Visit the Mango B2B web

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Mango B2B is able to leverage the global market, with support available in five main languages: Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Japanese, Italian and English. The strong emphasis on the Chinese economy in particular gives Mango B2B the ability to maximise business potential in one of the most vibrant markets in the world.