Stock Up on Spare Parts and Replacement Components at Pallet Truck Shop

The experts at one of the country’s leading pallet truck suppliers are encouraging businesses to stock up on spare parts and other accessories that could help them continue working in the event of a malfunctioning piece of kit or a truck which can’t perform to its usually standards.

Pallet Truck Shop is one of the UK’s foremost retailers of pallet trucks, manual lifting aids and other accessories, and the team is urging businesses to be prepared for any eventuality that might set their productivity back. Pallet trucks, when used to carry heavy loads on a daily basis, can occasionally need repairs or replacement parts – and with the full selection available at Pallet Truck Shop, businesses need never experience a lull in productivity while they wait for a repair.

Phil Chesworth, of Pallet Truck Shop, which is part of the Midland Bearings Group, says, “Even the most robust and durable trucks can need repairs or replacements now and then – but if a business doesn’t have any spare parts, wheels or components, it can put the entire truck out of action until the right part can be sourced.”

He continues, “We’d urge businesses to stock up on these parts in advance – whether it’s a handle, some bearings, new fork rollers or a new set of wheels. This allows them to quickly replace the worn-down part and have the truck back in business before productivity falls.”

With a multitude of accessories and spare parts, Pallet Truck Shop is the prime destination for such products. Customers can choose from a range of different wheels types, handle sizes, pallet truck bearings and fork rollers which will be an invaluable asset to keep in the store room or the maintenance bay. The parts can be used for regular maintenance to keep trucks in great condition, or they can be used as an emergency replacement that will help to keep operations running smoothly.

As well as the productivity benefits of having these spare parts available on demand, there’s the crucial health and safety element. Trying to operate a pallet truck, many of which can hold up to 3000kg, which has a malfunctioning or failing part can be incredibly dangerous for the operator – so businesses that can quickly replace parts when they begin to show signs of wear and tear will also be protecting their staff, as they are obliged to.

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Pallet Trucks Shop forms part of the Midland Bearings Ltd Group, established in 1984. With a 60,000 sq ft distribution warehouse based centrally in the Midlands and containing around £7m worth of materials handling stock, Pallet Trucks UK provides quality lifting and handling solutions for businesses across a number of industries.