Surge in Gaming for Older Generation Explained as Health Benefits are revealed, says My Real Games

Leading free-to-play gaming website My Real Games welcomed an older generation of gamers to their online platform last month, as it was revealed that more players between the age of 65 and 75 were taking up gaming as a form of entertainment. This surge in gaming amongst the older demographic could now be explained, as recent studies highlight a number of health benefits, particularly useful for older people, which can be experienced after regular gaming.

Researchers at North Carolina University found that, after spending a few hours each day playing a popular online fantasy game, a test group of elderly people experienced increased spatial ability and cognitive focus. Constantly moving a mouse across a screen to assist in the game-play also helped to develop better hand-eye co-ordination, which when applied off the screen, could greatly improve quality of life

Nikolai Veselov from said, “We are delighted that, after the amount of negative press the gaming industry can receive, these studies show the positive effects that playing games can have. Following on from our revelations last month, welcoming this new age range of gamers to our online gaming platform, we re-iterate our invitation to this older group of gamers. We’ve always known that playing our range of exciting titles is a great way to bust the boredom, but we hope that this news will encourage even more gaming newbies, of any age, to join our friendly gaming community.”

Achieving good health from playing games is not a new statement, shown to help improve learning and increase positive mental health in the past, but new studies revealing improved cognitive ability and hand-eye co-ordination after regular gaming sessions could help to suggest why the older generation are enjoying playing games more as a hobby.

Requiring quick reflexes and fast movement, Gems of the Aztecs can help to improve mental agility. This classic match-3 game transports the player to a historic abandoned city, pairing up the precious stones by color to complete the quest and help a young hero gain acceptance from the king to marry his love, the princess.

Piecing together random letters to re-create original words, ‘Jabber’ can also get the brain cells whirring as the word-based puzzle asks the player for assistance in re-telling a much loved story once the sentences have been re-made successfully to return Mr. Rabbits story book back to normal.

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