Surviving Your Year Abroad Experts Announce Unique ‘Big Year Aboard Interview’ Webinar Event For December

The team behind the hugely successful ‘Surviving Your Year Abroad’ book have announced a unique webinar event. Tacking place on 4-6 December, The Big Year Abroad Interview organised by Surviving Your Year Abroad brings together a number of student travel and gap year experts for a series of one-on-one interviews.

The virtual event gives students embarking on their year abroad the opportunity to ask experts in the field anything they need to know about the 12 months ahead. It is designed for the 1 in 3 year abroad students who admit to feeling ill prepared for their experience and the quarter of Erasmus students known to want more advice on the financial aspects of living and studying overseas.

The Big Year Abroad Interview will be hosted by Surviving Your Year abroad author, Nicola Beedle. She wrote her best-selling handbook for students after completing her own year abroad and realising that many students were left ill-equipped by university advisors. She said, “Fewer UK students travel abroad than any other European nationality as part of their further education courses but, it is a hugely valuable endeavour. Having interviewed thousands of former year abroad students, it became clear that lack of information was a large stumbling block. Both the handbook and The Big Year Abroad Interview are designed to change this.

“We wanted to give an open forum for students considering going abroad or actively planning their year abroad a space to get answers to all of their burning questions. Students registering for the webinar will have their worries and most pressing concerns addressed by knowledgeable experts. There’ll also be lots of former students on hand who have been there, done that to share their experiences and top tips.”

During the three day online event, Ms Beedle will interview several former year abroad students. From the interviews, webinar attendees will learn what a year abroad is really like, what to expect, discover pitfalls and downsides to the year abroad and how to combat them and the best ways to enjoy the whole experience. Finance expert Chris Perry from Student Money and Me will also appear. He will be speaking about year abroad money management and budgeting – an area known to be particularly challenging for those facing a stint overseas with student finances.

The Big Year Abroad Interview webinar by Surviving Your Year Abroad is free to attend. To register, visit before 3 December. The webinar takes place 4-6 December 2012. Universities and institutions can get lifelong evergreen access to this event here:

The Surviving Your Year Abroad handbook is priced at £10.00. An ebook version, priced at £5.00 is also available. To find out more and to purchase, visit

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