Take The Stress Out Of Moving With A Man And Van Service

Take The Stress Out Of Moving With A Man And Van Service

Due to the current need to keep a beady eye on the household budget, more and more people are trying to do the hard removal work themselves, believing that cutting out the middle man i.e. the removal company will ultimately cut down on the cost of moving house.

Luke Terry, founder of removals London experts, The Big Yellow Van Company comments, “we understand people’s need to reduce financial pressure but cutting out the removal men is not advisable. There are many other ways in which to save on the budget but going against professional help can do more damage than it can help”.

“Many people, on moving to another part of London, believe that they can get away with cramming their possessions into a friend’s car and transport them across the city” continues Luke, “they don’t account for the stresses and strains of doing all the heavy lifting alone and trying to coordinate a moving effort without professional assistance”.

Believing that many people don’t fully understand the risk of doing the heavy lifting themselves and following years of experience in offering a quality but affordable London removals service, the Big Yellow Van Company hopes that the following advice will enable anyone moving house to make a more informed choice before they brush the professionals to one side.

Personal injury: Although it sounds pretty obvious to say that injury to oneself should be avoided at all costs, the number of people who will take the chance despite the risks, is still high. There is no price tag to be placed on keeping healthy and a regular workout session at the gym doesn’t necessarily mean someone is ready to suddenly start lifting furniture. “Being fit, muscular and strong doesn’t mean you can lift your couch or heavy items without risk of injury” says Luke. “Lifting and carrying use different muscles. It is not always about strength but knowing how to lift safely and avoid tension injuries due to repetitive movements. Our removal men are well practiced at this sort of thing”.

Financial Damage: Man and van removals like Big Yellow Vans specialise in knowing what will and won’t fit through a window or a door. Some pieces of furniture require some tricky manoeuvres in order to get them out of the house and into the van. “It is not as easy as it looks” adds Luke “if you don’t know what you doing, getting a piece of furniture stuck is easily done and damage to furniture or property can be extremely expensive”. Sometimes it is not just the financial damage you might want to avoid, there is sentimental value to consider too and any removal specialists worth their salt will offer insurance.

Backup: The Big Yellow Van Company will turn up no matter what the circumstances, the distance or the weather. Even something so simple as a puncture can cause huge delays but should anything happen to one of the vans, a substitute vehicle will be sent immediately.

Time Saving: Dismantling, carrying, manoeuvring, loading, unloading or reassembling, The Big Yellow Van Company can get it done quickly and efficiently. Charging you only for time taken and with all costs discussed up front, there are no ugly surprises. Relying on friends, however much a best buddy they are, can sometimes be time consuming. A removal company, will never pull out on you at the last minute due to a work engagement they forgot about, a sore throat or headache, or an unexpected family visit. Nor will they arrive late from having dropped the kids at school.

Fuel Costs: Although this may not be something everyone will think about, it all adds up. Taking the efficiency and professionalism of a cheap man and van company into consideration, it will undoubtedly take them a lot less time to move you into a new house than a DYI scenario. As Luke Terry explains “ knowing how to lift furniture is one technique but knowing how to pack it in order to make fewer trips back and forth, is a whole different skill”.

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