Tech Company Set to Tackle Fuel Poverty with Energy Saving Heating Systems Solution

An energy management solutions innovator has revolutionised the heating sphere with a radical new product that removes entrained air and dissolved oxygen from within heating systems. Brought to the market by S.O.R Technologies, the Vortex Energy Saver represents a new era of efficiency for home owners, heating traders and those living below the fuel poverty line.   

Using next generation technology, the Vortex Energy Saver actively removes entrained air and dissolved oxygen from heating systems, leaving a content ratio of just around 0.2 parts per million. Once installed, the product has been shown to induce typical heating cost savings of up to 30%, with a recent Coventry University trial elevating the figure to a staggering 35%. With the average British household racking up an annual gas bill of £752, the Vortex Energy Saver reflects savings of around £263 per year. Typical payback kicks in at the two year mark. Given the product’s 40 year life expectancy the ROI is exceptional.

After several years of extensive independent testing and trials S.O.R Technologies is now engaged in talks with housing associations and sheltered schemes. The goal is to use the Vortex Energy Saver to combat fuel poverty across the nation.

Jonathan Stross, S.O.R Technologies Founder says, “We are delighted that we have now exceeded the 30% savings mark which has always been our hope.  We now look forward to rolling this out on a large scale to help more people save money on their heating bills.”

Air bubbles in heating systems are intrinsically lethargic which significantly reduces the efficiency of heat transfer. By removing entrained air and dissolved oxygen, the Vortex Energy Saver instantly boosts the efficiency of heating systems to offer operators better energy consumption rates, augmented heat transfer, faster hot water regeneration and higher radiator temperatures. The Vortex Energy Saver also eliminates the corrosion which forms magnetites. The naturally occurring iron oxide minerals hinder efficiency and shorten the life of radiators, pumps, boilers and valves.

The product is compatible with all conventional heating systems which means both residential homes and commercial buildings can enjoy the benefits. From houses, flats, offices, schools and government buildings, the Vortex Energy Saver generates fuel savings for all manner of properties.  

The Vortex Energy Saver is available to home owners, trade customers and housing scheme providers.

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Vortex Energy Saver is a revolutionary new product brought to the market by energy management solutions specialist S.O.R Technologies. It actively removes entrained air and dissolved oxygen from within heating systems to slash energy consumption by up to 35%. It is also proven to improve performance, reduce corrosion, slow the build-up of sludge and increase longevity of systems.