Tech Start-Up Delivery Cube Launches to Provide Logistical Support for Restaurants

Introducing Delivery Cube – a brand new venture which gives restaurants access to a fleet of fully trained drivers whenever they need them. Whether they’re covering staff holidays, dealing with periods of particularly high demand, or trying to remove the logistical headache of delivery entirely, restaurants now have a simple solution to all of their delivery woes.

As restaurants all over the UK compete for a slice of the growing demand for home delivery, Delivery Cube is the innovative new tech start-up offering them logistical support and assistance to help them get tasty food to their customers on time.

Restaurant chains and franchises including Firezza and Basilico are already using the service, and the Delivery Cube concept was thought up by innovators with experience in the industry. The management team behind Delivery Cube launched MyDeliveryCab back in 2012, which was sold in 2014 after building up an extensive portfolio of restaurants in south-west London.

Krupa Patel, CEO of Delivery Cube, says, “The restaurant industry is in a state of flux right now – many restaurants are already a step ahead with their delivery services, but periods of high demand or staff shortages can throw the entire operation off. Step forward, Delivery Cube!”

Krupa adds, “Our service offers exceptional logistical support to restaurants that want to outsource delivery, providing them with the experienced, equipped drivers to get orders where they need to be, fast. They can monitor the progress of our drivers, as they’re all GPS-tracked, and they can submit requests for more drivers at any point, subject to demand. Home and office delivery is clearly the way forward for many restaurants – and we look forward to supporting restaurants on this journey.”

The premise of Delivery Cube is simple. Restaurants can submit requests for drivers as and when they need them. The driver than heads to the restaurant to pick up the order that needs to be delivered – the entire fleet is equipped with quality insulated food storage bags to ensure that meals arrive in perfect condition. While the drivers are out on their deliveries, the restaurant can keep track of them, viewing their location and the progress, which also allows them to keep the customer updated on their order’s arrival time.

For restaurants that don’t want to manage deliveries anymore, the solution is ideal. It lessens the burden on restaurants and allows them to do what they do best – create delicious meals – while a team of Delivery Cube experts handle the logistical side of things.

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