The Events Structure Send Vehicles on UK Tour For The British Army

The UK’s only single source provider of roadshow trucks and mobile promotions vehicles, The Events Structure is playing a key role in assisting the British Army with their latest recruitment campaign. Appointed by marketing agency Tonic, The Events Structure will help the armed forces to reach out to some of the country’s most promising graduates by sending some of the company’s most impressive vehicles to universities around the country.

The Events Structure is well known for providing memorable and effective exhibition units for events, experiential marketing, mobile retail and product demonstrations. It specialises in unique solutions for companies that want to create flexible, ultra-impressive and cost efficient display spaces. It will send two of its largest roadshow vehicles the Momentum and the Enterprise, to tour UK universities from St Andrews right through to Exeter at more than 20 locations. The impressive mobile displays will be used to promote the British Army’s new officer focussed recruitment campaign “With Heart and Mind”.

Justin Isles, Managing Director said, “We pride ourselves on the standards we set and the flexibility of our offering in being able to cater for unique campaigns at scale. But there’s something particularly inspiring about seeing our vehicles form the centrepiece of an important campaign like this with such a creative approach to testing the next potential generation of army officers.”

With post graduate army recruitment in decline, the British Army campaign is aimed at educating students in order to dispel any misplaced preconceptions they may have while also raising awareness of the many benefits of working for the army. Demonstrating that the army is about more than simply guns and uniforms, the campaign title “With Heart and Mind” is reflective of the core components needed to become a successful army officer; heart and the determination to make a difference as well as an open mind able to deal with the many challenges one may face in this role.

Thanks to the two vehicles and onsite environment provided by The Events Structure, would be army candidates will actually be able to test their metal against a digital Sandhurst Assault course via Oculus Rift powered virtual reality. Potential new recruits will also be able to demonstrate their fitness with a bleep test against a 15m LED wall. The objective is beat an army physical training instructor, and hone their leadership skills in an interactive winter aid exercise.

The Events Structure vehicles deployed for the campaign provide a highly flexible and impactful environment in which the Army has been able to create its array of presentations. The Momentum is perfectly suited to presentation, demonstration and experiential event applications with a huge 110 person capacity as a VIP room or 80 in a training set-up. The slightly smaller Enterprise accommodates up to 100 people when configured as a VIP or reception room and couples exceptional accessibility with a dynamic onsite physical presence.

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