The Importance of Brand Emphasis for Businesses

In saturated and competitive markets, with every business fighting the effects of the recession, branding has become more important than ever. Across all industries it is increasingly essential for companies to carve out their own niche within a market, introducing recognisable logos, eye-catching promotional materials and memorable calls to action to maintain a strong brand presence.

Google, Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike and McDonalds are some of the largest and most ubiquitous brands of all time, and each of them have a strong brand value and an ethos that is instantly brought to mind by the mere presence of their logo or a mention of their name. With printed materials readily available for any size of budget, most organisations can undertake some form of brand building to reinforce their own market existence.

Printed banners are a great way to increase brand presence, whether it is around the premises of the company itself or off-site, at a conference, trade show or other event. They are imposing and eye-catching, and can carry not just the logo and company name, but also a motto, basic facts or special offers. Many companies now invest a lot of time and money in researching and defining their brand in order to appeal to their target demographic in the most effective way. With this knowledge in hand and effective logo in place, including the decal on a large printed banner is one highly visible way to use this strategic tool to its full potential.

Increasing the emphasis on branding around a company premises can help customers and clients to take away a real sense of the ethos of a business. This can be achieved by printed flags and majestic flagpoles, which also offer a projection of status and importance. Flags flying high emblazoned with the company name around the outer perimeter of a business can help customers to feel they are really entering the home of a certain brand, and when used off-site at other events, flags can reinforce the same sense of familiarity for clients.

The devil is often in the detail where branding is concerned. Being able to offer clients branded gifts such as key rings or stickers at exhibitions and conferences allows brand presence to continue long after the client concerned has left the event.

Finishing touches such as personalised bunting can also be used at events, in workplaces or during sponsored occasions to present a continuous and consistent image.

Regardless of which method of reinforcement is chosen, branding is one of the largest single factors known to contribute to recall, opinion and buying behaviour patterns. Good, strong, consistent branding should be used and highlighted as much as possible.

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