The Prudent Marketer Announces New Internet Marketing Workshop

The Prudent Marketer Steve Mills has announced a new addition to his popular one day internet marketing workshops. The session, which will take place in July, will focus on the one area that most business owners still struggle with; how to carry out truly effective internet marketing with little to no budget in order to make sales.

The workshop focuses on the core belief that the days of half-hearted internet marketing are over and provides common sense insights, easy to use strategies and clear guidance to turn sites into lead generators.

Steve Mills said, “There are around five million businesses in the UK, 99.9% of which are small businesses, and in these tough times it is essential that they understand how to market themselves on-line.  Not doing so is costing UK firms thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands of pounds.

“Most small business owners have a website that wins no leads.  They are nowhere to be found on Google and they do little else to drive traffic to their website. Their website wins virtually no business and they do very little to drive traffic to their website.  Often they don’t think their web designer understands online marketing and in 99% of cases they are right.

“They are on several Social Media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, but rarely use them and don’t fully understand their capability.

“Everyone is telling them that they should be dominating Google, but they don’t understand how.  They have tried Pay Per Click Advertising on Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn, but it just cost them lots of money.”

The question is what to do?

The harsh truth is that most business owners do not know enough about selling and marketing their products and services. Most SME websites, though perhaps nice looking and well designed, do not make money.

When most business owners go into business they do so because they are good at what they do.  A lawyer opens their legal practice, a bookkeeper, their own bookkeeping business and so on.  Many do not realize that there is a vital key skill missing- how to sell and market their products and services on-line.

One of only two clinics of this style to be held each year, the Making Money on the Internet Workshop, chaired by Steve Mills, will take place on Wednesday 3 July 2013. At the end of the day all delegates will know how to;

  • Drive over 1,000 people per month to their website from LinkedIn
  • Dominate the first page of Google (not just be on it)
  • Use YouTube, the world’s 2nd biggest search engine
  • Convert more website visits into enquires using lead conversion technology
  • Improve ROI from PPC Advertising
  • Get hundreds of people creating a brand buzz on Google, YouTube, LinkedIn,, Facebook and even other people’s blogs
  • Win more business, more easily, more often

Tickets are priced at £197 + VAT with a second ticket offer of £100 + VAT. For every ticket sold, one child in Cambodia will be educated for one month. In addition to the one-day workshop, delegates will also receive a 30-minute free telephone consultation with Steve Mills and a one month subscription to the Steve Mills Raise Your Game programme.

To register visit or call 0118 930 5700. 

Please direct press queries to Rebecca Appleton at Dakota Digital. Email or Tel: 01623 428996.

Steve Mills helps clients to create more leads. Over the past 17 years, Steve has built a reputation for helping businesses to market themselves using his ‘Marketing without Money Formula’. Never one to take unnecessary risks for himself or his client, Steve is now known as The Prudent Marketer.