The UK’s First Edible Book Launch

Could this be the biggest shake-up in the book industry since Kindle?

From May, book launches will never be the same again. Ever since Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1440, book launches have followed a familiar format; reading, book signing, wine and nibbles.

On Sunday May 25, the traditional book launch will be turned on its head, as the UK’s first edible book launch event takes place, sponsored by web hosting company (link:

The event is the result of a collaboration between debut novelist Sarah Holt and cutting-edge edible experience company, Edible Stories (link:, who have been hosting edible experiences in the capital for the past couple of years.  

For one night only, British book worms will be able to sit down and experience a six-course menu that’s been designed to tell the story of Sarah’s first novel, Love and Eskimo Snow, through taste, texture, scent, sight and sound.

“Edible Stories, as a principle, works on stories that are known by each and everyone of us and we present them without any verbal narration,” says Chloé Morris founder of Edible Stories. “So when Sarah came to me about this book launch, I thought it could be really interesting to try Edible Stories the other way round. I think it would be pretty cool to experience a new book, and then when you buy it, you feel so much more connected to the characters and the plot, because you kind of were immersed in it!”

The menu will feature cocktails that shape-shift as you drink them, courses that you have to interact with to discover their meaning, and plates of the unexpected. The concept for each course has been created by Edible Stories’ avant-garde chef Françoise Cozzolino, a Paris-born, Italian-German, professional chef who has worked with Pierre Koffman (3 Michelin stars) for the past three years.

“I wanted my book launch to be different,” says author Sarah Holt, who was born in Manchester and now lives in London. “I wanted to take it beyond wine and crisps. That’s why I approached Edible Stories. They are masters of reinvention. I couldn’t have taken the launch to the creative levels I wanted without the sponsorship of UK2, though. They are sponsoring me as part of their drive to support emerging talent in the UK. As a technology company, it’s their philosophy to be on the cutting edge of what they do, so it sort of makes sense that they are now getting involved in something that’s never been done before as far as literature is concerned.”

The novel, Love and Eskimo Snow, is an inverted Cinderella story about the nature of love and the possibility of loving more than one person at a time. The title comes from the myth that suggests that Sami Eskimos have more than 200 different words for snow. The suggestion is that love should be the same. Copies of the book will be available to buy through Waterstones and Amazon from April 25.

Tickets for the event are limited and the event will only take place once, at Boxpark in Shoreditch.They’re priced at £57.50 and are available via the website Design My Night.

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About Sarah Holt

Manchester-born Sarah Holt could have been born with a pen in her hand. She wrote her first story The Adventures of Debbie at the age of 6. She started writing professionally after university when she did a fast-track course in features and news journalism at Liverpool Community College and got a job as a features writer at the Lincolnshire Echo. She then moved into travel writing with Thomson before becoming a content manager at UK2. Love and Eskimo Snow was originally called Love and the Colour Grey, but then someone called E L James got their book published and she had to change the name.

About Edible Stories

Edible Stories have been creating immersive dining experiences in secret locations around London for over a year. This unique take on on the dining experience explores the notion of narrative in dining..