Thinking Bob Celebrates Rise of Geek Culture with Packed Calendar of Events for Like-Minded People

Thinking Bob, the new platform connecting like-minded people based on shared interests, is celebrating the ‘Rise of the Geek’ in popular culture with a packed schedule of exciting events and occasions designed to forge new connections and friendships.

In recent years, the idea of the ‘geek’ has become more prominent than ever in mainstream society, with shows like The Big Bang Theory hitting the big time, and activities like cosplay, online gaming and comic books going mainstream. Now, Thinking Bob is hosting an array of geeky, cultural and intellectual events to celebrate the elevation of so-called ‘nerd culture’ and help people connect and socialise with other, like-minded people.

Rebecca Gregory, of Thinking Bob, says, “Gone are the days when the word ‘geek’ was synonymous with ‘loser’ – we’re living in a generation where having a geeky interest or a nerdy hobby is something to be celebrated and enjoyed with the wider community, rather than hidden away in secret. The young adults of today were raised on Harry Potter, Pokemon cards and ever-more sophisticated games consoles. They’ve watched famous ‘geeks’ like Mark Zuckerberg go on to achieve global fame and fortune with a tech-savvy idea that changed the world. In fact, 66% of millennials now see the word ‘geek’ as a compliment, and 41% of people feel totally comfortable being labelled a geek.”

She continues, “I’m a geek myself, having studied Maths at university – and after bullied at school and being branded with the ‘geek’ label, I now stand alongside thousands of others, proud of our ‘geekness’. The turnaround in perception of geeks has been so significant, we now see people donning glasses when they don’t need to and wearing t-shirts emblazoned with the word ‘geek’ which, just a few years ago, would have been unthinkable!”

The stereotype of the ‘geek’ as an anti-social individual with more interest in RPG games and comic book heroes has been all but demolished – but many people with these interests still find it hard to take control of their social lives. Thinking Bob allows anyone to sign up with a simple profile, gaining access to a multitude of friendly social events revolving around fun activities.

Demand for these kind of events has soared in the last year or two, and Thinking Bob regularly updates its calendar with new events. December will see Thinking Bob host a festive treasure hunt, a Christmas jumper-making session followed by a pub crawl, a special Christmas edition of Pub Philosophy and a festive buzzer quiz – and companies and venues are invited to submit their own events to the Thinking Bob calendar if they feel it fits the bill.

Rebecca adds, “Thinking Bob hosts a multitude of events that are designed specifically for these people; to allow them to socialise while flexing their grey matter, not just the arm that holds a pint glass. Our events include everything from pub quizzes and museum lates to book clubs and escape rooms – all with the aim of helping people to connect with new people and spend their leisure time more ‘wisely’.”

The networking site has gone from strength to strength in recent years, with record growth of 300% in 2015 taking the total number of London users to more than 8,000. A brand new app will be launched on the 18thDecember this year, aiming to connect even more people, and launches in Manchester, Bristol and Bath are also on the cards, offering more opportunities for members to forge new friendships based on shared interests.

For more information about ThinkingBob, or to sign up today, visit the website:

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ThinkingBob is the dynamic new online community, encouraging connections between people based on shared interests and hobbies. Users can sign up with a profile and gain access to a plethora of social events, from murder mystery evenings to late museum openings and escape rooms, with the aim of meeting like-minded people to connect with.


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