Three & BT Mobile put head-to-head for London mobile data speed, a niche site dedicated to broadband & mobile in London & the UK have today released the results of their head to head study comparing the mobile data performance of the Three mobile network against BT Mobile running on the EE network in London.

The salient points of the study are:

  • BT Mobile provided an average download speed of 21.68Mbps; Three provided an average download speed of 12.75Mbps
  • BT Mobile provided an average upload speed of 10.99Mbps; Three provided an average upload speed of 6.35Mbps
  • Both networks provide excellent 4G coverage across London. There was only one instance of falling back to a 3G (H+) network, which was on Three when a sample was taken at the Barnes Wetland Centre
  • When on 4G Three always used the 1800MHz frequency band; BT Mobile predominantly used 1800MHz which a few instances of 2600MHz and no instances of 800MHz
  • There was only one instance of a test failing completely, this was by Three on Oxford Street the week before Christmas
  • BT could go faster if we paid for improved speed, but the point of this test was to use standard plans

James Harley, author of the study, said “This study is unique as it is based on activity that most people would do on a day to day basis in London. It highlights the characteristics of both networks in the study, with BT Mobile demonstrating very robust 4G performance across the capital.”

The full article, with all the raw data, is available online at the following web address:


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