Top Tips To Look For When Hiring a Jazz Singer

There are many types of Jazz singers, from Dixieland to Modern Jazz, the most popular that are booked for weddings are normally swing jazz which incorporates the sounds of Michael Buble, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.

Nottingham Jazz singer Campbell Bass has over 10 years experience of performing modern jazz and classic songs at weddings throughout the country.

His top tips for when you are looking to book a solo singer or band for your  event, come from experience at performing at some of the country’s top venues.

The first thing to do is check out their website, listen to their performances from past gigs, watch them perform live if possible and read testimonials from previous clients. These can be found on their website and more commonly on their Facebook page. Ask around your friends and relatives, as word of mouth can often be a reliable source.

Then you need to decide, do you want to book a solo artist or a band? Both budget and venue will play a part in your final selection, what ever your choice you will need to know what equipment they will be using, how much room they need and how long it will take to set up. As most venues do not provide sound and lighting it is recommended you ask who ever you book to provide PAT (Portable Appliance Test) certificates for their equipment and also liability insurance. (Most venues will ask for this anyway, so it’s always best to have it in the first instance) Lastly on this subject, what is their dress code for weddings, will they be happy to wear what you specify, Black Tie or lounge suit for example.

When choosing the playlist, take a look at the artist’s repertoire and select a few numbers (but not all, as your choice of music will not be every body else’s choice) it is sometimes better to let the artist choose as they can read the audience, and change the playlist accordingly to ensure that the dance floor is always busy. If you would like the artist to sing your first dance or a special song that you would just love to hear again for sentimental reasons, it is always good to give plenty of notice as it may not be in their repertoire and may have to learn it (6 weeks should be enough notice)

Once you have decided on your entertainment and you wish to book, it is always best to get in writing what you are actually getting, a reputable artist or band will always provide you with a contract.

Nottingham singer Campbell Bass meets all the criteria to make sure your event will be a success, whether you book him has a solo artist or with his band.

For more information visit or Tel 07815 179275

With a unique and distinctive voice, Campbell brings a smooth charismatic style to his performances.