Treat Yourself This Christmas with Luxury Food Hampers

Around the Christmas season, there is always a great amount of emphasis on giving and receiving gifts, treating loved ones and being treated by them. But Christmas is often the busiest time of the year, with present-buying to coordinate, parties to attend and host, cards to send and a huge Christmas dinner to prepare. After all of the stresses and strains of the festive season, many people are turning to treating themselves as a way of indulging and letting their hair down. Across the pond in America, some 6 out of 10 shoppers will spend more than $140 on themselves this Christmas, with figures expected to be echoed here in Britain as people look to reward themselves for a successful Christmas period. This rundown details some of the most popular gifts that people are buying to treat themselves this year, from bubble bath gift sets to luxury Christmas food hampers.

5. Bath Sets

The mums, aunties, grandmas, sisters, wives and girlfriends who coordinate the Christmas routine deserve a break once it is all over, and what better way to relax on Boxing Day than with a hot and relaxing bath? Bubble baths, scented candles, bath bombs, soaps, gels, creams and oils are often sold together in conveniently-wrapped gift sets so that the women who put the most effort into the festive season get an indulgent reward when it is over. There are also male-oriented versions of these gifts, often containing more stimulating and vigorous ingredients such as mint and lemon, for the man who wants to relax in a bubble bath but doesn’t want to smell like his wife’s ylang-ylang bath oil!

4. Wine

Celebrating with a well-earned bottle of wine whilst the family comment on what a perfect Christmas dinner they enjoyed is the perfect way to spend Christmas night. Rather than risk a friend or family member assuming they like sweet instead of dry, many wine-lovers are taking their enjoyment into their own hands and purchasing their own indulgent gift to enjoy at their leisure. Other alcoholic beverages are also a great way to unwind after Christmas, with malt whiskeys and brandies among some of the most popular self-bought gifts at this time of year. Wine, imported beer and other spirits can often be purchased in luxury gift hamper sets, which include a great all-round variety of different drinks to choose from.

3. Gadgets

From smartphone to plug-in coffee warmers and from interactive games consoles to e-readers, everyone loves a gadget to make their life a little easier one Christmas has died down. These can be anything from the latest in computing gear to a tiny gadget that helps to find lost keys or creates the perfect cheese toasty. The term ‘gadgets’ is so all-encompassing that men and women, young and old alike will surely find something with which to treat themselves once they have finished treating everyone else. These types of gifts aren’t always based purely on indulgence, but can help make everyday tasks a lot easier, pre-emptively easing the strain on next Christmas twelve months early!

2. Accessories

For women, it’s all about the bags and the shoes; for men, the wallets and the watches. There are some accessories that a person can never have too many of, and the trend for treating oneself at Christmastime ensures that these are close to the top of the list. Be it a pair of Christian Louboutins or a Rolex watch, it pays to ensure that there is one present which will be bang on the money this year, even if it is self-bought. The thought of being able to purchase these exciting gifts can give something to aim for when the mountain of Christmas cards seems too high, or the fifth Christmas pudding attempt has failed, and they are an extravagance which can be shown off at every occasion throughout the next year.

1. Food

After cooking up a storm in the kitchen and allowing everyone else to enjoy one’s culinary skills, ensuring that the cupboards are well-stacked after the departure of the guests is crucial to an enjoyable post-Christmas. Buying a luxury food hamper as a gift for oneself combines all the indulgent treats such as chocolates and buttery shortbread with luxury food items such as homemade preserves, cured meats from all over Scotland, and some of the finest British cheeses around. These hampers can be delivered right to any doorstep, so they can arrive just in time for Christmas, and help to ensure that time immediately following Christmas is not spent in a post-festive haze, but is spent relaxing, indulging and enjoying some of the finest local produce Britain has to offer.

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