Trend-Monitor Offers Business Membership Package to Give Decision-Makers Unparalleled Industry Insight

Trend-Monitor, the online market intelligence resource for the UK home improvement sector, is offering decision-makers an exciting new way to keep their fingers on the industry pulse, with a brand new Business Membership package. The package gives members full access to a multitude of trend reports, detailed analysis and consumer surveys, either commissioned or sourced by Trend-Monitor, to help businesses within the world of interiors and home improvement to stay well ahead of the pack.

The membership package was launched earlier this year and the response from industry professionals has been resoundingly positive. Manufacturers of home improvement products, buyers and marketers for home improvement retailers have already found great success from tapping into Trend-Monitor’s intelligence, while journalists, brand agencies, investment companies and trend analysis services have also utilised this vital new resource to their own advantage.

For a short time only, Trend-Monitor will also be offering 10% off the business membership package as part of its Early Subscriber Discount. Using the code ‘ES10’, new members can receive this one-off discount on their first year of membership – but the offer expires on 30 September 2015, so anyone interested in accessing Trend-Monitor’s vast array of data is urged to act fast.

Jane Blakeborough, Director of Trend-Monitor, says, “Our new Business Membership package has gone down incredibly well with industry professionals so far, with a large number new subscribers now gaining invaluable access to our database of trends, insights and analysis.”

Jane adds, “We’re hoping to sign up many more members by offering a 10% discount for a limited time only. Those that register before 30 September 2015 will pay 90% of the annual subscription fee, and will receive a fortnightly trend briefing email, unlimited access to Trend-Monitor’s regular updates, the ability to download all trend analysis and industry reports, as well as an extra 20% discount on all our annual consumer insight reports.”

Having a clear picture of the current industry trends and being able to access industry insights can be invaluable for businesses in various situations. Whether they’re entering new markets, launching new products or repositioning an existing brand more prominently within the current market, having unrestricted access to a resource like Trend-Monitor can be the difference between success and failure. 

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