TV Shows Make Use Of Elegant Leather Furniture

For many, the idea of leather sofas brings to mind luxurious, cushioned pieces of furniture which sit proudly in living rooms and in largely domestic settings. Leather sofas are the epitome of home comfort, with a huge number of homeowners opting for leather over any other style, and they are almost a staple of the living space for many. But whilst leather sofas scream domesticity and family life for some, set dressers and designers working on television shows and films are constantly using them in more professional capacity. Their sleek and sophisticated aesthetics combined with the durability and high levels of comfort make leather sofas great for using on film sets and in television shows, and they can help to create a certain atmosphere; they say plenty about the character using them, and they look wonderful on camera.

Two of the most celebrated set designers of recent years are Amy Wells and Claudette Didul, who have worked on the hit TV show Mad Men. Set during the 1950s and revolving around the lives of a group of Madison Avenue advertising executives at the very top of their game, the show has been widely praised for its sleek, stylish and historically accurate sets, which showcase the very best in mid-century furniture design. One of the most frequently pictured (and complimented) sets is the office of Roger Sterling, the monochrome sanctuary inhabited by one of the company’s main partners. A real leather sofa takes pride of place in this room, in pristine white like much of the other main furniture. The room belies a man who likes to be in control, and who is perhaps a little bit of a perfectionist; the shiny white tables and glossy surfaces certainly wouldn’t befit a sloppy or lax individual. Sterling’s sofa is where he often sits to converse with clients or colleagues, and his extravagant décor helps to point to a man with power.

The set design in Mad Men is clever in that it helps to establish a hierarchy between characters. Sterling’s office, with its luxurious leather furnishings and sharp black and white contrasts are at the top of the chain, closely followed by Don Draper, who chooses dark wood and soft black leather to assert his power. The lower-ranked executives’ offices are much more sparsely decorated, often with fabric sofas rather than leather and static chairs in place of the iconic leather ones which sit behind the desks of the highest-ranked characters.

Another show widely admired for the quality of the set design is The Good Wife, a CBS drama about a lawyer who returns to work after learning of her husband’s infidelity. Beth Kushnik, the set decorator, helps to design some of the pieces used in the show, with the most popular being the real leather chair in Will Gardner’s office. Kushnik collaborated with Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams to create the original pieces, and they have released the furniture in a special line because of the sheer public demand for replicas. In the case of the pieces that Kushnik doesn’t design, she instead advises fans of the show where they can buy the striking pieces she uses, so that they can recreate the stylish look for themselves. Again, the use of leather in these office scenarios, in the leather sofas and leather chairs, offer a sense of power, as well as status. The genuine leather sofa in these television shows is seen as a sign that someone is successful and not to be crossed.

It is not just the set dressers of dramas and fictional shows who like to take advantage of the classy and elegant look of leather furniture. During the revolutionary launch of the Apple iPad tablet by the late Steve Jobs, he reclined in a luxury leather armchair on stage, which was befitting of Apple’s reputation; it was sleek and stylish, functional, and once you have one, it’s something you cannot live without. The X Factor judges state their opinions every Saturday night from Eames-style office chairs, the seats upholstered in expensive leather to exude power and professionalism. Of course, comfort is paramount for these two situations too; Steve Jobs never looked anything but utterly relaxed when he presented his new products to the world, and perhaps even more so when he was reclining in his comfortable leather seat. Sitting in one spot for the duration of a two-hour television show means that the judges’ seating arrangements have to be carefully considered, not only to complement the rest of the set, but also to meet the comfort needs of the celebrities sitting in them.

As well as being a staple in the home and creating an atmosphere of cosy homeliness, leather sofas can also radiate professionalism, power, elegance and sophistication, as shown by the many designers and dresser who choose to utilise them. Not only does leather furniture look fantastic on camera, it also provides comfort for cast members and the durable material will stand up to the stresses and strains of being part of a television set.

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