UK Firm Propels Start-ups with Affordable Product Design Service

A British product design firm is helping start-ups turn creative concepts into tangible realities with an affordable service aimed at businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors. Based in Hampshire, Consultant Design Engineers (CDE) is a one man enterprise founded by Rory Way. Rather than charge an upfront fee CDE offers start-ups a percentage based payment plan wherein the company receives a small portion of design profits. Unique, professional and entirely affordable, CDE is set to emerge as the product design service of choice for smart start-ups across the nation.

Mr Way explains, “At the core of CDE is a dream to help people turn their ideas into exceptional designs. As a one man enterprise I understand the financial challenges of setting up a small business which is why I offer start-ups an attractive and affordable payment plan based entirely on product sales.”

For companies or individuals with limited access to capital, CDE’s tailored product design service is an incredible opportunity. Rather than postpone production due to lack of upfront cash CDE allows inventors to fast-tracks ideas when they’re at their absolute freshest. This ensures that the product can make the most of market momentum while retaining its relevance and novelty.

Using his diverse skill set CDE industrialises ideas in order to launch them onto the consumer market. With a background in telecoms, defence, industrial and commercial sectors, Way is armed with the knowledge and innovation to create products that are functional, attainable and intelligent. The service is made up of five key design phases which play an integral role in creating a prevailing final product. These include concept design, detail design, industrialise/manufacture, testing and launch. 

Setting CDE apart from its competitors is an underlying goal to deliver the whole package. Not only do clients receive a custom built, state-of-the-art product but they also enjoy all the extras necessary to foster commercial success. This expertise and attention to detail is what gives Way the absolute confidence that his products will sell, an attribute that makes his percentage based payment plan a win-win deal for both parties.   

“As well as giving the client an attractive, intuitive and affordable product I also focus on ease of manufacturing, assembly, maintenance and recycling credentials. This is what sets my products apart from the crowd, drives sales and makes the CDE start-up plan a mutually beneficial business arrangement,” said Way.

The unique percentage based product design service is open to start-ups of all shapes and sizes. From prototypes, one off designs and small batch R&D demonstrators to bulk orders requiring hundreds of individual items, CDE welcomes all inquiries.

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About Consultant Design Engineers: CDE is a British based product design company founded by Rory Way. The company offers its clients complete product design and development services, from initial concept through to final production. CDE welcomes projects from a diverse range of sectors including consumer electronics, furniture, telecoms, defence and packaging. As well as product design consultancy CDE also offers a unique start-up service which takes a percentage of product sales rather than charge an upfront fee.