UK Leads the Pack at Digital TV

In a major study undertaken by Ofcom, it has been discovered that when it comes to catch-up services, digital TV and other forms of consuming television content, the UK is at the very top of the pile. Comparing television, broadband and mobile phone services across 17 of the world’s largest and most technologically developed nations, the communications study by Ofcom discovered that the UK’s services were second to none, and were the most advanced, with higher audience satisfaction rates.

23% of the UK’s population have used the BBC iPlayer catch-up service on a weekly basis, which demonstrates the demand for freedom and choice over television options. The UK are also leaders of the pack when it comes to HD television sets; 41% of homes possess a HDTV now, with tech-savvy Japan the closest competitor at 31%. Average UK viewers watch around 4 hours of television every day, with only the USA managing to surpass this.

The research has meant that what was often deemed as opinion can now be stated as fact – Brits love their television, and they are the best at creating it. And with a huge array of digital TV services such as Freesat, Freeview, Sky and Virgin Media, it is easy to see why UK residents are enjoying their television more than ever. The options available, from basic digital subscriptions, to non-subscription Freesat boxes, make it simple for those living in Britain to gain access to a huge variety of quality channels, with features such as high-definition and 3D.

Whether purchasing a Sky digital box with a comprehensive list of channels, or a Freeview+ box which can access catch-up TV and record all favourite TV shows, the choices that UK residents can make regarding their television consumption are seemingly endless. The success of all of these platforms also demonstrate just how diverse the viewing needs are in Great Britain; Freesat is one of the fastest-growing methods of watching television, with its compact list of everyone’s favourite channels and the ability to record and view all shows. Packages such as Virgin Media offer vast arrays of channels, as well as interactive services which include behind-the-scenes footage from films and shows, as well as the ability to watch whole seasons of dramas and comedies from years gone by.

In the coming years, as all of these services continue to expand and improve, the UK will cement its place at the top of the league when it comes to digital TV.

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