UK’s Top Tyre Retailer Reminders Motorists They Could Be Wasting £440 Million a Year

The UK’s number one tyre retailer is reminding British motorists that they could be spending as much as £440 million more than they need to during their summer getaways.

Tyre Shopper, which has been ranked amongst the top ten most visited automotive websites by Hitwise for the last eight years, has developed a free tyre pressure app for the soon to be launched Google Glass which helps Briton’s motorists to cut down on wasted cash. Research from tyre manufacturer Michelin confirms that almost 400 million litres of fuel are wasted every year simply by driving on under inflated tyres.

With its ultra useful new Google Glass app, Tyre Shopper helps motorists to check that their tyre pressure is in line with the recommended levels simply by adding their registration number. The app development process including coding has been published on the tyre shopper website, so those interested can build their own Glassware. Checking tyre pressure regularly, either through an app or manually, reduces the amount of fuel wasted and helps to lower the cost of everyday driving. Under inflated tyres are not just a waste of fuel, they can also cause the tyre to wear out much sooner than it ought to, as incorrect wear places greater pressure on the surface rubber.

Azzam Sheikh, Digital Marketing Manager said, “With the school holidays almost upon us, we know that millions of Britain’s motorists will be hitting the roads as they set off on holidays and plan day’s out. We would urge every driver to carry out a tyre pressure check before the summer gets into full swing and to get into the habit of making this a regular pre-journey routine. We may motorists take care of the obvious things like brake lights and windscreen washer bottles but forget that tyres also need checking from time to time. Not checking the pressure of your tyres is the equivalent of pouring gallons and gallons of fuel down the drain each week, not to mention the added expense that comes from having to buy new tyres more regularly.”

In its own research, Michelin surveyed 5000 vehicles and concluded that some motorists simply don’t take tyre maintenance seriously enough. It calculated that the wasted fuel caused by running on under inflated tyres has more than just a financial cost – it estimates that around 1 million tonnes of needless C02 emissions are released into the atmosphere by drivers whose tyres are not sufficiently inflated.

Tyre Shopper will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year and is widely regarded as the UK’s number one online tyre retailer. It achieved a landmark £12 million turnover last year and helps thousands of motorists to buy tyres online with its handy price comparison feature. With a focus on providing value for money, its innovative marketing campaigns have seen it win several industry awards and it is accredited by leading industry bodies such as Tyre Safe and the Tyre Recovery Association.

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