UKCE Have been announced as a finalist for KDA Awards 2016

The UK College of English - a London based English College - have been selected as a finalist for this year's Kent Digital Awards in light of their positive social engagement.

UK College of English have been nominated for the "Best use of Social Media for Business" where they have seen their social activity quadruple thus  making it a strong conversion factor for the college. Their social media marketing is maintained in part by Kent's digital specialists Whitefish Marketing, who have previously and more recently attained a number of awards themselves. Last year they received the Bronze award at the Kent Digital Awards (KDA) 2015 and this year winning another Bronze at the Essex Digital Awards (EDA) 2016, for their work involved on the UKCE's parent website: UK College of Business and Computing.

Atam Sharma - Director of UKCE remarked:

"Our English college attracts students across the globe to study in London, usually while on work visas or vacation.  With Facebook being the second most used website in the world, it makes sense to use that facility to capture audiences overseas, and to address any questions they have about our courses before they commit.  With the levels of communication we receive via Facebook, our team have to be on the ball to answer enquiries as they arrive.  As well as for customer support, we use Facebook to showcase our social activities and classroom events.  The very nature of the learning environment in our college is about social interaction, and that is mirrored in our social profiles. Here at UKCE we are very pleased to be nominated as a finalist for the category of "Best use of social media for a business" and we have our fingers crossed!"

UKCE have been quick to respond to all queries on Facebook, on average taking them less than 5 minutes to reply, gaining them a 95% response rate (since increasing to 100% after the nomination). Additionally, the engagement with multiple languages and other countries has increased the scope of their audience and in turn increased their social activity.

The UK College of English benefit from a range of positive reviews on their Facebook page, with strong levels of interaction via their social activities put on through the College - such as their popular "Friday Conversation Club".  It is no wonder that the UKCE were nominated as a finalist for this year's Kent Digital Awards.

The announcement for the awards will be held later on in June 2016.

Notes to Editor:

Contact Name:  Chris Surridge   

More about UKCE:

Located in a prime location, on famous Oxford Street in central London, the UK College of English offers a wide selection of English courses across varying levels of learning, to UK, EU, and International students alike.

Our qualified English tutors will help you achieve the desired outcomes of your selected course. Call into the college today to see the variety of English language courses we provide, insight into our social programmes, and even how we could help you find accommodation in London whilst you visit and study.