Unique Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands Launched Helping Women Look and Feel Their Best Every Day

Savvy stylistas who love to flaunt their pins in on-trend skirts and chic dresses will find their wardrobe a whole lot more comfortable from this week as a brand new closet essential goes on sale in America for the first time.

Designed by women for women, Bandelettes solve the uncomfortable problem of painful chafing and skin irritation on the inner thighs caused by frequent rubbing while walking. As the legs move against one another with each stride, the delicate skin becomes red and sore, making this season’s midi skirts and sweeping silhouettes an unappealing prospect.

Solving this problem with an abundance of panache and absolutely no scrimping on practicality or style, the exclusively trademarked and patent pending Bandelettes sit snugly around the inner thigh and prevent chafing. Delicately crafted from gorgeous lace, the bands look just like hold up stocking tops and add a subtle dash of glamour to the everyday.

As well as their sensual appearance, the Bandelettes are undetectable to everyone but the wearer, with two rows of stay up silicone applied to the lace. Much like a stocking top, the silicone holds each Bandelettes comfortably in place from morning to night with no pinching of the skin or risk of slipping.

Chic and sensual, the bands are designed to be beautiful as well as solve a problem many women suffer from but few feel confident enough to talk about. Once slipped on, ladies can stride with confidence, from the office to the market to the bar and home again without the uncomfortable sensation of the skin on the upper thigh rubbing and chafing and becoming more painful with each step.

Julia Abasova, Managing Partner, Freolla LLC said, “So many women feel uncomfortable wearing skirts and dresses because the friction from the legs rubbing together as they walk makes the skin irritated and sensitive. We discovered that this irritation was a very common and everyday problem but, so few women ever brought it up due to feeling self-conscious and embarrassed. After intensive research and fervent efforts to find a solution, the exclusive Bandelettes were born. These luxury additions to a woman’s wardrobe were not just designed with comfort and convenience in mind. They are also attractive and aesthetically pleasing.”

The Bandelettes are available in a range of six different sizes and four colors including timeless black, classic white, neutral beige and sultry red. A second beige and another black design are coming soon.

The Bandelettes anti-chafing thigh bands are priced at $14.99 each and can be shipped within the US as well as overseas. US delivery takes approximately three days.

For more information and to buy visit http://www.bandelettes.com/

Rena Abramoff

The Bandelettes mission statement is to provide women with a highly functional yet glamorous addition to their wardrobe while helping them to efficiently manage an all too common condition on a daily basis. Developed from personal experience and designed by women for women, the anti-chafing thigh bands are functional and pretty. Bandelettes are trademarked and patent pending.