Up-And-Coming Actor, Director and Producer Shuns Classical Theatre for Arthouse Career

Joshua Ferdinand has turned his back on the conventional career pathways for a more artistically satisfying approach.

A young actor, director and producer is making his mark in the arthouse film industry with a string of quirky, cutting-edge productions that are a world away from his conventional classical theatre training.

Joshua Ferdinand is twenty-six years old and hails from Colchester in the UK. But his recent exploits behind the camera have seen him working in the States on cult TV show Adopted, which sees a couple seeking a sixteen-month-old baby to adopt, only to be saddled with a sixteen-year-old teen. The dramedy is already winning over audiences in America, and Ferdinand’s fresh approach to his Associate Producer role has been credited as a driving force behind the show’s success.

The series has been the subject of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the next season, with a host of famous faced lined up to take new roles in the show. But this quirky comedy drama is a world away from Joshua’s classical theatre roots, which saw him train under Pippa Guard at the University of Greenwich, appearing in traditional shows like Twelfth Night, Antigone and The Tempest. He received a standing ovation for his notable portrayal of Orsino at Bathway Theatre.

Now, Joshua has turned his back on that classical approach, and has been known to reject major contracts. He’s an intriguing character, who can rarely be seen after shows or appearances, preferring to keep himself to himself. Despite a number of roles in movies like Skyfall and Captain America, Joshua now prefers quirky, original productions, and has also appeared in a fun parody of Star Wars and The Office called The Empire.

Conner Flynn, a reviewer from Mighty Mega, said, “"It is extremely well done and the comedy is great. Hollywood prosthetic artist Shaune Harrison – who actually worked on Episode I and II – did the Emperor make up on Bruce Jones. I only hope they make more of these, because I would like to binge watch several episodes of this series. It’s had to even pick a best part. It might have to be the Stormtrooper Guinness scene."

Joshua’s upcoming projects include a short comedy series called ‘Adopted’, and ‘Thunderbirds 1965’ 3 new episodes of the 1965 for the 50th it’s produced utilizing all the classic 1960s techniques.

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