Uptima Solutions Launches Educational Start-Up Course for Britain’s Thriving Entrepreneurial Community

As Britain’s entrepreneurial community continues to break records for the number of new businesses, Northamptonshire business consultancy Uptima Solutions is offering a unique crash-course in starting up on your own. Helping individuals realise their dream of becoming their own boss, the course will top and tail all the dos, don’ts and how-tos.

Uptima Solutions’ first ever business start-up course will commence on Saturday 14th of November 2015. Over a period of six weeks, the course will introduce participants to self-employment and entrepreneurship, teaching them about everything from filling in a tax return to using market research to gain a competitive edge. By the end of the course, participants will be confident in the day-to-day management of their business, and they’ll be equipped with all the resources and ideas they need to take their venture forward.

The culture of self-employment and entrepreneurship in the UK has blossomed in recent years, with 2014 a record-breaking year for new businesses. Statistics from Companies House show that a staggering 581,173 companies were registered in 2014 alone – more than 50,000 more than 2013. The figures for 2015 are expected to be similarly impressive as the entrepreneurial movement continues to gain momentum – and Uptima Solutions are at the forefront, guiding new business owners in their new journey.

Abi Lapade, CEO of Uptima Solutions, says, “There are more small businesses in the UK than ever before, and every year hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs realise their dream of becoming self-employed. Unfortunately, many of these start-ups fail, purely due to inexperience when it comes to things like basic financial management or how to assess the current market.”

Abi adds, “At Uptima Solutions, our brand new start-up course aims to help entrepreneurs overcome these teething problems and hopefully turn their new venture into a thriving, successful business. Over six weeks participants will learn everything there is to know about growing a business from the ground up – the perfect introduction for the many thousands of entrepreneurs that will undoubtedly be considering forming their own business over the next twelve months.”

The programme will place a real emphasis on networking, and the training is delivered through a multitude of different formats to ensure the messages sink in. Participants will join in with group exercises, carry out interactive tasks in their own time, create presentations, participate in project work and enjoy a series of practical exercises, all designed to boost understanding and build confidence. Those joining the course will also benefit from free additional support including mentoring and discounts from referred business service providers, to help them as they turn their business plan into a reality.

The first course begins on Saturday 14th of November, and places on the course are available for £399 plus VAT. For more information about Uptima Solutions or their innovative new course and other upcoming courses, visit the website: www.uptimasolutions.co.uk


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