US Computer Memory Supplier Encourages Business to Utilize Branded Flash Drives

A staggering 9% of all US consumers own a USB flash drive bearing a company logo, and memory sticks have consistently ranked in the top ten promotional gifts that businesses can give to their clients since their launch. Now, one of the US’ premier providers of computer memory solutions and flash drives, Data Memory Systems, is encouraging more businesses to jump on the flash memory bandwagon and see what promotional drives could do for them and their clients.

Justin Briere, of Data Memory Systems, says, “The very best promotional gifts are the ones which will be used over and over again by the recipient. Coffee mugs are popular because they are practical and always in short supply around offices and workplaces, branded pens and office stationery is also a great option, but for a promotional gift that really packs a punch, many companies are turning to technology. USB flash drives are easy to use, they can bear a company’s logo on the exterior and they can be pre-loaded with promotional content that the potential customer can peruse at their leisure. We are encouraging all businesses to get on board and try out this phenomenon for themselves; clients can never have enough portable memory!”

The demographics of branded USB drives are interesting, and can help with companies deciding whether or not to invest in them as gifts. More men than women own branded drives (11% of men to 7% of women), and younger consumers are the most likely to have a USB drive at all. Even more interestingly, those earning six-figures are most likely to own a branded USB drive, with 14% of people owning over $100,000 saying that they were in possession of a flash drive bearing a company logo.

Flash drives come in a huge number of shapes, sizes and varieties. Cheaper options for businesses on budgets are widely available with plenty of storage space, and many are created from durable plastic or aluminum. However, for the businesses with a little extra cash in their promotional budget, they can really make a splash by investing in leather-bound USB drives, flash drives with a wooden exterior or even business cards with an added USB port, which act as flash drives when plugged into a computer.

The promotional effectiveness of USB drives and promotional gifts cannot be underestimated; when compared with television, for example, promotional gifts such as flash memory raised purchase intent from 17% to 25%, and created positive attitudes both towards the ad and the company in more than three in ten people. Referral value was also increased in comparison with a television promotion, and message credibility for the businesses offering these type of gifts jumped from 33% to a huge 54%. The benefits are there for all to see, it is up to businesses to decide how they will utilize this exciting promotional tool in their own marketing strategy.

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