Venetian mask firm helps charities boost funds with masquerade balls

Charites that are looking for fun and creative ways to raise funds can now benefit by partnering with Venetian mask company Just Posh Masks to host a masquerade ball that will delight supporters and donors.

There are thousands of registered charities in the UK and raising funds and income is one of the biggest challenges they face today. Just Posh Masks aims to help charities achieve extra funds when they're holding a masked ball. By partnering with the company, charities can receive 20% of the sale price their guests spend on their mask for the event.

Guests can choose from a huge range of handmade and decorated Venetian masks that have been crafted by native Italian artisans. Whether donors choose a traditional or contemporary mask it will come beautifully adorned with paints, acrylics, glitter, gems and crystals. Donors attending a masquerade ball will be able to select a mask in a colour and design that perfectly complements their outfit for the evening, knowing that they are also supporting the charity.

Tracy Porter, Director of Just Posh Masks, said, “Masquerade balls are a great way to get people excited about a charity event and guests will love the glamour and mystery of the evening. Our exquisite masks are the perfect addition to guests' outfits and with one of our charity codes the event hosts will benefit too.

"We have even seen instances of charity codes going viral and people that aren't attending the masquerade ball purchasing a beautiful Venetian mask to support a cause. One small local charity we worked with saw their code receive attention in the press and online resulting in buyers from America and Germany."

When collaborating with Just Posh Masks charities will receive a code. Every time this code is entered at the checkout the business will donate 20% of the sale price excluding VAT. The buyer doesn’t receive a discount but will know part of their purchase has gone to the charity they are supporting. One week after the masquerade ball the charity will receive a report of the sales and see the additional funds they have made.

Charities are under no obligation to promote the Just Posh Masks code but the more they do so the more the code will get used and raise extra money. 

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Just Posh Masks specialise in masquerade and Venetian masks that are handmade and decorated by Venetian artisans. The retailer stocks a vast range of masks that embody the perfect combination of style, elegance and simplicity.