Veteran Foster-parents fundraise to help a boy move on his own.

Avril and Ron Head are raising money for their long term foster-son to get access to a life changing piece of equipment.

RY (whose real name cannot be used due being, as a foster-child, technically in the care of the state) is a lively young man, but one affected by quadraplegic combined cerebral palsy. This means he has never been able to walk speak, suck or swallow. Because of this his foster-parents, Avril and Ron of Croydon are currently fundraising for a SnapDragon powerchair, a specialist electric wheelchair specifically designed to give children like Raj a chance at movement, independence and integration.

RY despite his difficulties, RY has always been determined to find some way to move. It was this determination that inspired the fundraising project: seeing RY try to move himself in his manual chair, Avril took him to Dragonmobility, a social enterprise based in Cambridge specilising in providing mobility solutions to children like RY.

At the trial in Cambridge, RY was able to do things which no one had ever thought of him as capable of. He was playing games, would turn around when called and just generally having an amazing time enjoying the freedom the chair provided. In Avril's words “for the first time in his life he was able to move himself! A wow of a moment!”

Because of the way he is, some of those who meet RY will talk past or ignore him. Getting him the ability to move by himself and therefore some of this independence will be a huge step forward in Avril and Ron's long fight to put a stop people treating RY as a thing rather than as the spritely 11 year old boy that he is.

All this has left the Heads with little choice but to roll up their sleeves and get working on raising the £23,300 to buy this specialist piece of equipment. The difference access to equipment like this would make to kids like RY is huge, as Avril puts it “This amazing gift would bring an unprecedented improvement to his quality of life and independence, which is all he truly wants.”

Avril's and Ron enthusiasm for RY and this fundraising project is clearly infectious. The GoFundMe page at the center of the project already has already raised more than £3,000 in less than 3 weeks, while Seth Hopkins at Dragonmobility says “seeing Raj and Avril's faces as Raj moved himself around our demo room really was breath-taking. We're so happy to

 the fundraising off the ground, and are all excited to get our heads down and start thinking of ways in which we can chip in!”

Others can also help get RY moving by visiting his GoFundMe page at: 

About the Head Family:

Over the years, Avril and Ron Head have provided a loving and stable home to more than 140 children. In 2014 the pair were awarded MBEs in recognition of all they've done for all these children. They currently have three disabled children in their long-term care. Far from seeing this as a burden or a duty, the pair consider themselves so lucky to have three such fun and beautiful children in their lives.

Any further questions can be directed to:

Seth Hopkins,


Unit 1, 149b Histon Road,


CB4 3JD,

01223 464460


About Dragonmobility:

Dragonmobility is a social enterprise that specializes in giving children with a wide range of disabilities a chance to move under their own steam. The driving force behind this mission is child-development and empowerment: from a young-age all children need the right level of mobility in order to reach the normal development milestones. Some disabled children need a tool to help them do this. This tool is what Dragonmobility provides.

In order to cater for all of their clients needs, the chairs are designed individually for each person, with custom seating and controls. Being able to alter the way the electronics function for each person means that children of all levels of mobility and learning can have access to the life changing experience of owning one.