Vital Equipment For All Industries

Pallet trucks and all of their many variants are relied upon to a huge degree across a great number of different industries, all with exacting demands and requirements of their equipment. Different workplaces will see emphasis placed on a different area of productivity, whether the aim is to mass produce, distribute, collate or assemble; these various requirements are reflected in each industry’s choice of pallet truck or manual lifting equipment. A company whose main aim is to distribute goods to the wider public or to other businesses will need to be able to lift and transport large volumes of cargo in a reliable and safe manner, while the businesses whose primary concern is the intricacy of medicine or chemicals will need to ensure their equipment is sterile and hygienic. Each company has their prime piece of apparatus; this guide examines the main requirements for three of the largest industries.


The warehousing industry is preoccupied primarily with storage, and being able to hold large volumes of goods within the building. Shelving units scraping ceilings and long, narrow aisles help to maximise space in such workplaces, but employees often require mechanical help in order to access orders. Manual stacker trucks can lift cargo and pick orders from heights up to 3m, making them an integral cog in the machine of the warehouse industry. 1000kg lift capacities are standard with these trucks, meaning that elevating extremely heavy loads is made simpler and faster for all those involved. Without these trucks, warehouses would be condemned to use small shelving unit and would be unable to maximise not only space, but also profit.

Pharmaceutical / Medical

In the intricate and elaborate process of crafting chemicals which go into cleaning fluids, cosmetic product and even life-saving medicines, one of the most important qualities a truck can have is the ability to withstand harsh environments. Galvanized or stainless steel pallet trucks are often used in this industry due to their capacity to endure exposure to chemicals, not only from spillages but from the extensive sterilisation process they must undergo on a regular basis. When working with chemicals and other substances which could potentially interact with one another if mixed, it is important for the workplace to be entirely sterile; a reaction between two compounds could cause adverse results and cause loss of products, loss of earnings and the endangerment of employees.

Engineering / Construction

Working in the construction industry often requires equipment which can lift and transport oddly shaped items which are not necessarily palletised. Fork extensions can often assist with this type of task when fitted to an existing fork lift truck.

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