Drymotive, creators of the innovative AquaZero waterless car cleaner, have launched a Christmas gift pack for those mad about motoring. The AquaZero Christmas gift selection makes a wonderful present for anyone tired of scrubbing dirt, rain and snow from their vehicle in the depths of winter. One pack will clean ten family sized cars without water and can be used to clean any type of car safely outdoors or in – meaning no more battling icy conditions and frozen fingers to enjoy pristine winter motoring.

The gift pack from Drymotive includes two 500ml bottles of the revolutionary AquaZero waterless car cleaning product, as well as two free Microfibre cloths worth £3.96. The solution simply lifts caked-on dirt away from the bodywork and wheels. The set contains everything necessary to achieve a sparkling finish without water both indoors or out. The special formula means a car can be restored to its showroom glory in less than 15 minutes without the need to scrub, rinse or apply any sort of elbow grease.

Rob Walker, joint director of AquaZero said, “Anyone who loves cars but hates winter maintenance is sure to love finding a AquaZero waterless car wash gift set under the tree this Christmas. Providing a showroom sparkling clean, it can be used safely indoors within underground car parks or garages, which makes AquaZero invaluable during the cold winter months.”

AquaZero waterless car wash and wax’s finish replicates the incredible standard of a professional valeting service, but the high-quality product removes the need for a single drop of H20 and means an entire exterior valet can be carried out, avoiding the harsh weather conditions and eliminating the need to brave the elements as temperatures dip. No water, no buckets, no sponges and no more uncomfortable hours spent shivering in the cold over Christmas, trying to make the car gleam once more. Eco-friendly, Drymotive estimate that for every 500ml bottle of AquaZero used, over 600 litres of water are saved by removing the need to use a pressure washer, bucket or hosepipe.

These green credentials do not make the product any less powerful with just one gift pack mighty enough to clean ten family-sized vehicles. The gift pack is supplied with a money back guarantee, free Microfibre cloths and free shipping, taking the stress out of present shopping this festive season.

Each AquaZero gift set contains two bottles of AquaZero waterless wash and wax and two free Microfibre cloths. It is priced at £19.98 with free delivery. To order and for more information visit: http://www.drymotive.com

AquaZero Testimonials

“I used the AquaZero car cleaning product on a VW Golf and Mercedes CLC, both black in colour. I was amazed at the results. Being a traditionalist I was a little sceptical but found the finish to be of a showroom quality that left a wax like finish on both cars which last significantly longer than when the cars were washed either manually or by a car wash.” Steve Gerrard, Senior ICA Engineer, United Utilities Group Plc.

“I own a Smart Roadster and I was having problems with water entering my vehicle during jet washes, as its a convertible. This was starting to annoy me, so I decided to search the Internet for a waterless car cleaner after I'd heard a rumour. When I came across AquaZero I thought I would give it a try and I am glad I did! The whole process is so easy, which actually made cleaning my car quite enjoyable. The quality of the finish was far better than a jet wash could produce. Thank you AquaZero for making my life easier and leaving my car look brilliant and very clean!” Victoria Williams (Partner), VJW Holistic Therapies. 

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About Drymotive: Drymotive was launched to provide an alternative way of cleaning vehicles without the need for using any water. Its aim was to offer a range of products that would help customers to preserve the environment through the use of sustainable resources.

The first Drymotive product to be launched is AquaZero, a revolutionary waterless wash and wax that can be used on all types of cars, vans, motorbikes, motorhomes, caravans and boats. AquaZero can be used during hosepipe bans, water shortages and when temperatures drop below zero. This allows the user to keep their vehicle looking clean when most wouldn't have the resources available.

Drymotive's product range is currently available to buy online. http://www.drymotive.com