weActiv look to the future as wearable fitness technology market looks set to grow

Health and technology go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that the wearable fitness technology market is predicted to be worth USD 12.44 Billion by 2022. Innovative fitness experts, weActiv, has welcomed the news, declaring it as positive step forward for the fitness industry.

The wearable technology market has boomed in recent years, which has ultimately led to the popularity in fitness wearables. In 2015, smartwatches held the largest share of the total wearable fitness technology market, primarily due to many of their additional features. Providing all the features of a normal wrist watch, with the added bonus of tracking fitness goals, smartwatches have become one of the most loved inventions in recent years. It’s thought that the driving factors for the growth of the market are consumer preference for sophisticated gadgets, an increasing popularity of wearable fitness and medical devices, an increasing awareness about fitness, and the rise in disposable incomes in developing economies.

Joseph Powell of weActiv, said, “As more people look to technology to help themselves get in better shape, they turn to wearable technology to help track their progress. Lightweight and effortless, wearable tech has been one of the best inventions for the fitness industry, and highlighting the importance of keeping fit. Encouraging those who wouldn’t normally have thought about their heart rate or the amount of steps taken, there’s no wonder that the market looks set to grow significantly over the coming years.”

As technology advances and consumers demand more from manufacturers, the range of fitness wearables looks set to increase. More than half of the wearable fitness technology market is currently held by handwear devices, which are likely to further increase in popularity over the coming years. The smart glove and smart ring are next in-line to topple the smartwatch’s crown.

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The weActiv web based service is an innovation in activity monitoring and fitness. Developed in conjunction with the University of Northampton, the unique service provides users with the ability to now directly connect multiple devices of various makes and models, with all data being contained within one dynamic platform this allows users to compare health and fitness stats. Through a single account, people can link multiple devices with activity data to the service and review personal health and fitness statistics over a personal time target, improving performance and activity levels by connecting all the devices at any time.