What Is The Future of Business Cards?

The business card is a form of introduction which has been around since the 1400s, and it has managed to develop and remain a relevant way of relating contact information ever since. The incredible new advancements in technology which are coming about in the 21stcentury mean that business cards are taking on whole new guises; they are still based on the basic idea of exchanging the most basic information, but the information is being exchanged in new and incredibly exciting ways.

One of the latest innovations is a cube-shaped business card which comes in the shape of a six-sided die. Hollow and made entirely of paper, the striking and noticeable business card can be inscribed with text and contact details on five of the six sides, leaving the sixth side free to sit on a desk or counter. The cube-shaped cards are sure-fire ways to generate conversation and to garner potential clients’ interest. They will not be thrown away as readily as a normal business card might, but the relative fragility of them means they don’t retain their shape easily and can’t be stored as discreetly in pockets.

One design studio came up with an innovative, if fairly expensive way to make each and every business card unique. Thermo-sensitive business cards are printed with a special ink which is sensitive to heat, meaning that fingertips, lips or any other warm object that a printed business card comes into contact to will be imprinted with a permanent mark. Quirky and interesting, the cards also make clients feel as though they are receiving something unique, and they can help to offer a sense of a company offering a personalised service.

A UK video marketing company has also come up with an innovative way to offer contact details and other important information to their customers and client bases. They have created business cards embedded with a video screen which can hold up to thirty minutes of video space. The cards come in a folded format and the video is activated once the card is unfolded by the client. Small speakers can be included and the battery life of the cards is up to one hour of continuous video time, however the high expense and the exclusivity of these cards might make companies reluctant to hand them out in large volumes, opting to use them for special events only.

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