Whitefish Marketing host their first seminar for Kent accountants

Entitled "How to secure more clients for your practice" the 3 hour intensive marketing seminar held this last month, offered accountancy professionals an insight into client trends and current online research habits as well as the importance of proper digital adoption. After outlining the statistical facts of the current marketplace, the second half of the seminar delved further into the minutia of what activities could be instantly deployed by accountancy firms, to expand marketing activity and secure more brand visibility.

Marketing director from Whitefish Marketing, Chris Surridge, talked more about the content of the seminar he led. 
"Most accountancy firms recognise the importance of marketing and allocate a budget each month. But the truth is that the methods and mediums currently being utilised by most are nowhere near as efficient as they could be, with many firms still using outdated techniques. With digital search trends dynamically changing all the time, it is vital that the marketing also adapts to keep up with such trends.

"Our first step is to educate accountancy practices of the current situation within online search, and how their own potential clients interact on this digital landscape. Once we have cemented this importance, we then show what they can do in the short term to make a positive impact on their overall "sales" or new client acquisition."

This accountancy marketing seminar was held in Ashford at the Kent Chamber of Commerce. Whilst it was the first of this kind hosted by Whitefish Marketing, more seminar dates have already been put into motion across central London and again back in Kent, due later on this year, 2015.

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Chris Surridge - Marketing Director
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