Wine Showcasing Company Takes Vino Lovers on Voyage of Discovery

A brand new wine showcasing events company ‘The Wine Brands’, is giving wine enthusiasts a chance to go on a series of vino inspired voyages of discovery, discovering new Wines and becoming familiar with various wine BRANDS.

Featuring sumptuous buffets, lively after-parties and a chance to enjoy art exhibitions from up and coming artists, The Wine Brands is reinventing the face of London’s international wine scene.

Inspired by contrasting climates across the globe, the first event on April 4thwill showcase wines from hot, cold and temperate locales. Hosted at Thurlow Lodge Community Hall, guests will have the opportunity to sample 10 different wines bottled in world famous vinification regions such as Chile, Argentina, England and France. Wines are split into two categories, each with its own sub-categories. ‘The Whites’ will feature cherry picked Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc while ‘The Reds’ will showcase Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noirs and Shiraz Australian.

Jaydee Daley, Events Promotor said, “There are so many fantastic wines out there yet far too many Brits tend to stick with what they know and love. Our voyages of discovery give guests a chance to broaden their horizons, sample some of the world’s finest wines and leave with an in-depth understanding of the art of winemaking.”

Emerging artist Elaine Daley has been selected to showcase her art collection at the first event. Colourful, fun and eclectic, Daley has been pegged as one of contemporary pop art’s most inspiring creators. Every piece is embedded with energy and movement designed to lift the mood and send messages of hope and happiness. The vibrant artwork provides the perfect backdrop for an event that celebrates dynamic tastes and cultures from across the globe.

Sponsoring the first event will be Majestic Wine, the United Kingdom’s leading wine specialist retailer, who will have a team of representatives there to answer any questions about wines.   The sommeliers will be on hand to explain the origins of each product and suggest food pairings that complement the unique aromas. This ensures that guests end the night with a new found appreciation for wine and its regional variations.

As well as enjoying the chance to taste a selection of fine wines the showcasing parties are also a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded wine lovers and art aficionados alike. After enjoying an evening of wine tasting and art admiring guests can head to The Wine Brands website where they can purchase all their favourite drops.

The debut event is scheduled for Saturday April 4 2015 at Thurlow Lodge Community Hall in London Camberwell. Festivities will kick off at 6pm and wind up at 11pm.

Follow up events are scheduled for May 23, June 27 and August 29.

Ticket are priced at just £35 and can be purchased online via: or by calling: 0208 670 0217 or 07443 923 054.


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Contact: Jade Cayton


Tel UK: 01623 428996

Tel US: 917-720-3025


Based in London, The Wine Brands is a dynamic new wine tasting events company taking guests on voyages of discovery to winemaking regions across the globe. Every event offers attendees the chance to sample a curated collection of different wines, learn about their origins, differentiate between types and mingle with fellow vino lovers. Every event will also include a gourmet buffet, art exhibition and after party.