Women to Benefit Most: Female Entrepreneur Revolutionises the Rucksack for Commuters

A female British entrepreneur is making the lives of commuters stress-free by launching a pioneering rucksack which flips the whole design on its back - literally.  This week, Sarah Giblin launched a Kickstarter campaign to send the RiutBag into full production, which has the potential to reduce worry of theft on public transport and improve the quality of life of urban dwellers everywhere. 

The unique and revolutionary design of the RiutBag stops the person behind you have better access to your belongings than you, a design flaw in our close proximity public transport systems every day. For busy commuters, tourists and residents of the world’s biggest cities, the clever rucksack design protects valuable gadgets, belongings and important travel documents from getting lost or stolen.  Additionally, the rucksack is a neutral grey colour and smart enough to wear to work and on the daily commute; fusing practicality with style for the ultimate accessory.

Sarah Giblin, founder of Riut and creator of the RiutBag, says, “I have lived in cities all over the world, and have often found myself surprised at the lengths we go to trying to make the conventional rucksack more functional.  I love wearing rucksacks, especially when travelling, but it has a distinct design fault – the person behind you can access your rucksack better than you. In China, I noticed that people wore rucksacks on the front of their bodies rather than their back to feel more secure – that screams that the old rucksack design isn’t meeting the demands of people’s lives today.”

“A normal rucksack user not a designer, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and think of a rucksack which elegantly makes safety central to the design. The RiutBag was born out of a ‘Revolution in User Thinking,’ – “Riut” which is what the bag is named after. Every complaint we have has the potential to be fixed, and we - as the users - are perfectly placed to come up with solutions.”

Although Ms Giblin is an avid fan and regular wearer of the rucksack, a survey has revealed most other women do not share the same view.  In a survey conducted by Ms Giblin herself as part of her research period, the results reveal that 76% of women currently use a handbag on their way to work.  The reasons cited were the lack of safety and appearance of other bags, so many women feel like a handbag is their only option.  However, unevenly spreading the weight of belongings – especially as bags get heavier thanks to laptops, tablets and other pieces of technology – can be harmful to the back over the course of a lifetime.

Worryingly it isn’t just adults who suffer with back pain from carrying the wrong type of bag, as research from BackCare charity suggests 80% of children are carrying 20% of their body weight in their schoolbags every day.  Experts say the worst case scenario is carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder, as this can twist the spine into an unnatural C shape.  Spreading the weight equally over the back and both shoulders is the best way to protect muscles in the back.

Ms Giblin adds, “The RiutBag has been designed with the female and male rucksack user in mind. All zips are against the back, meaning you can rest assured that nobody else on the tube or in the crowds can gain access into your personal belongings. There are compartments to store work documents, laptop, tablet, packed lunch and gadgets, and even secret strap pockets for holding train tickets.  Women can also move or remove the chest strap, which may feel a little restricting to female users.”

The RiutBag launched on 27thOctober on Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, attempting to secure enough backers to put the bag into full-scale production. It has reached almost 50% of its funding in just three days. For more information about the RiutBag, or to pledge your support to the crowdfunding campaign, visit the Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1090074666/the-revolutionary-rucksack-riutbag

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