World’s strongest bee pollen creates a buzz in the UK

This week sees the introduction to the UK of Potentiated pollen, the world’s strongest bee pollen long recognised as a source of optimum nutrition.

Bee pollen is taken by millions of consumers worldwide as an all natural food supplement to boost low immune systems and fend off illness. Unlike manufactured vitamins, pollen is a pure vegetable food containing no additives. A recent Daily Mail article noted that although supplements have “traditionally been the preserve of children, pregnant women and the elderly, they are now being taken regularly by men (38%) close behind women (46%)”. The market for men’s vitamins has jumped 25% in the past 12 months and the primary reason given by males for taking supplements is to boost their immune systems and revive flagging energies. They simply cannot afford to get ill.

On September 5th, virologist Professor John Oxford of Queen Mary University was reported as saying that he would not be surprised to see a massive rise in winter flu deaths this year – with as many as 4,000 succumbing. This is up to12x the normal mortality rate and is due to more intensive flu than normal over the winter months in the Southern Hemisphere. It has also been suggested that in a major epidemic as many as 30,000 Britons would need to be hospitalised – resulting in a severe crisis for the NHS.

Potentiated pollen with its optimum nutrition creates a strong immune system and energy booster. It is available only from NatureBee at Contrary to popular thinking it is not the elderly, most of whom are vaccinated annually, who are at greatest risk of winter colds and flu but those who are between the ages of 20-64 and still working.

Potentiated pollen is created through a proprietary process, first developed in the food science labs at Canterbury University (New Zealand) in 1997.  Potentiation, meaning ‘made more powerful’ literally cracks open the microscopic pollen shell enabling 95% of its nutrients to be released. On the other hand non-potentiated pollen (ie all other pollens on the market) only allows for a 3-30% nutrient release and is more difficult to digest. This is why Potentiated pollen is often referred to as ‘the Rolls Royce’ of pollens, providing optimum nutrition, with sales increasing year upon year.

Potentiated pollen is made by Auckland based NatureBee whose hives are located in the pristine countryside of New Zealand’s South Island where the land area is larger than England and Wales but the population barely 1/8 the size of London. The conditions in which the bees roam are about as close to organic food production as one can get (without being certified) which is why New Zealand sourced bee products are held in such high esteem around the world.

As NatureBee’s founder Jeff Cook recently said “Our potentiated pollen has the most concentrated single source of nutrients that you can get from anywhere. Each 500mg capsule contains 27 vitamins and amino acids; 28 minerals; 11 enzymes; 24 beneficial fatty acids and 11 carbohydrates – all totally natural, providing optimum nutrition and not a single additive”.  He described the pollen capsules, which account for over 75% of his company’s sales as ‘nature’s purest super-food’ which for the first time is now available at to those living in the UK. The company also provides a 24 hour help-line for anyone with questions about its products.

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Information about the Business:

New Zealandbased NATUREBEE was created in 1997 by father and son team, Jeff and Ben Cook. After discovering a special process developed at Canterbury University, the two knew they had found something incredible. The ground-breaking process unlocks the nutrients of bee pollen, making it far more digestible than normal bee pollen. It was later to be named the ‘potentiation process' and is continually used only by NATUREBEE on theirNew Zealand sourced bee pollen.

NATUREBEE is now available around the world. The company takes pride in creating premium health food products that are suitable for the whole family. Bee pollen is often called a super food, with the power to slow the aging process, facilitate weight loss and increase stamina (among other things). Each NATUREBEE product comes with a 400 day 100% money back guarantee.

Jeff Cook, owner and founder of NATUREBEE, is available for interviews to discuss the real benefits of bee pollen and the unique ‘potentiation process’.  If you are interested, or have any queries about NATUREBEE or its products, please contact the company’s UK coordinator Henry Newrick on 01273 719 272 or 07866 696 999.  Email: