Guide bringt CPN auf den Markt – eine neue Generation Schutzhandschuhe, die die EU-Norm weit übertreffen.

Handverletzungen sind ein Problem, das Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft jedes Jahr Millionenbeträge kostet. Jetzt bringt Guide CPN auf den Markt, ein bahnbrechendes Sortiment Schutzhandschuhe mit einem Schutzniveau, das die geltenden EU-Normen weit übertrifft. Gleichzeitig sind die Handschuhe geschmeidig und leicht bei der Arbeit zu tragen.

The Guide CPN-range offers protection against cuts-, puncture- and needle sticks. Earlier available products in the market offering the protection against these risks, has often been hard to wear, rigid or not protective enough.

– Most people can´t believe their eyes when they see the test-results on the Guide CPN products. We use Satra, one of the leading test-institutes in Europe, and their numbers don’t lie. The gloves in the Guide CPN range are quite unique to say the least, says Roger Rasmussen, Product-area/Brand manager at Guide.

Most of the models in the CPN-range widely exceed the highest score according to the EN-388 standard. Besides testing and certificate the CPN-range according to EN388, an own grading system has been created in order to visualize the level of protection in the Guide CPN gloves.

– I dare to say that the combined protection against cuts-, punctures- and needle sticks offered by the Guide CPN products, is probably the best available in the market today, Roger Rasmussen continues.

The high level of protection largely comes from the use of Alycore. A metal-weave implemented in the gloves. The combination offers a high level of protection without making the gloves heavy, rigid or uncomfortable to wear.

– Good protection should not be achieved on the expense of dexterity and flexibility. If gloves are too heavy to use, people simply won’t wear them. Our ambition for the gloves in Guide CPN has been to create highly protective gloves, but also to make them as flexible and dexterous as possible. And we have succeeded, says Åsa Lindberg Svensson, Category/Product manager at Guide.

– In Sweden alone, 30 % of all reported accidents in the workplace are related to hand injuries. There is a big need for better hand protection. Why should people within police, waste management, construction and industry have to risk their hands and health, when there is really good protection available, Åsa Lindberg Svensson concludes.

See demonstration of Guide CPN in hall 5, stand E11 at the A+A fair
Needles, knives, broken glass and sharps awls. At the A+A-fair October 18-21 our test-crew will put the Guide CPN gloves up to the test. Shows on everyday at 10 am, 1 pm and 3 pm. Don’t forget your camera – and remember where you saw it first!


Roger Rasmussen, Product-area/Brand manager

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You can also meet us at the A+A fair, October 18-21 in Düsseldorf. Hall 5, stand E11.


Guide was registered as a trademark in 1995. Today Guide offers a full range of gloves for different kind of applications and risk situations.
Guide is owned, developed, marketed and sold by Skydda. The leading supplier of PPE in the northern Europe. Skydda belongs to B&B Tools, and together with the other business areas in B&B Tools the combined strength is to be the biggest MRO supplier in the Nordic region.