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  • New AD plant will turn approximately 95,000 tons of food waste per year into valuable biomethane at Evercreech junction in Somerset

New AD plant will turn approximately 95,000 tons of food waste per year into valuable biomethane at Evercreech junction in Somerset

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BioConstruct builds a waste to energy wet AD plant in Somerset generating renewable natural gas sufficient for approximately 5,500 homes, as part of Adapt Biogas’s ambitions to increase renewable energy production across the UK.

The project had been in development for a significant period of time following re- designs and securing of construction finances. However, after original planning consent was granted in October 2010, construction works have commenced in May 2021. The site incorporates an ambitious programme to produce first biomethane along with meeting RHI deadlines, no later than end of March 2022. BioConstruct has already demonstrated in previous projects an ability to work to and achieve its subsidy driven deadlines and as such, working with a team of experienced subcontractor´s and suppliers, are confident in their ability to manage construction against the agreed programme to achieve the given deadline. “We have an experienced team both within BioConstruct as well as within our selected key subcontractors and we feel very comfortable to progress construction works in time” comments Andreas Bröcker from the BioConstruct Group. “In fact, civil works are already well underway thanks to extensive preparational works prior to financial close.”

The parties entered into a lump sum EPC contract comprising civil works and gas upgrading technology to convert biogas into biomethane. The project will convert. 95,000 tons of food waste per annum into approximately 850 standard cubic meters  of biomethane to be injected into the Wales and West Utilities gas network. Furthermore, the plant will create and secure local jobs necessary for logistics, operations and connected industries.

Key components of the plant will be a depackaging & waste processing building capable of receiving and processing industrial food and kerb side waste from households and restaurants. After the depackaging process, the food waste will be digested in a two stage system consisting of continuously stirred primary and secondary digesters. After taking out nearly all of the methane and CO² from the food waste, the digestate will be pasteurised to a valuable fertilizer giving nutrients back to agricultural processes. The whole concept is an important step towards diverting food waste from landfill, reducing usage of artificial fertilizers as well as producing green energy and protecting the climate at the same time.

Bioconstruct will be partnering with Adapt Biogas to collaborate on the operations and management of the AD plant at Evercreech. This progressive addition will be the second AD site to join the Adapt Biogas portfolio, marking plans for exciting growth across the business. The first site in the Adapt Biogas portfolio based in Murrow commissioned for gas export in 2020, following previous success at generating renewable sources of electricity export.

Contact for more information:
Andreas Bröcker
+49 151 42222 970


About BioConstruct
BioConstruct GmbH is a leading provider for design and construction of turnkey biogas, wind energy, and photovoltaic projects. Over 20 years the enterprise has implemented more than 300 renewable energy projects in different countries and gained expertise in plant engineering, project development, funding and operation and maintenance services. In addition, BioConstruct owns and operates 21 of its own plants.

About Adapt Biogas
Adapt Biogas prides itself on conveying passion and innovation to the anaerobic digestion sector. Having undertaken operations across a multitude of sites, we provide a team of dedicated personnel with a diverse array of skills, knowledge and experience across the industry. By growing our portfolio of renewable energy production sites, we hope to achieve a focused effort on increased waste utilisation across the UK.
We are excited to continue helping our clients, partners and communities adapt with plant financing, expanded O&M services, consultancy and support, creating a more sustainable future for the UK and beyond. Learn more by visiting us at www.adaptbiogas.com