Positionly: there’s a place for simple tools in the crowded marketing software industry

Positionly releases a customizable add-ons marketplace for search engine marketers

Positionly is a software that simplifies day-to-day SEO campaign management. When Positionly secured $300,000 of seed-funding in 2012 from the Berlin-based venture capital, it kept a high pace of innovation and released an app marketplace.

“Positionly has a very diverse range of customers. Simplicity was the main driver behind creating our application. It’s not an easy task to provide software that will meet the needs of enterprise-class companies, yet simple enough to be understandable for anybody who wants to improve their SEO performance. That is why we created add-ons to allow each user to extend the basic functionality of our product. Such a solution makes the SaaS product not only feature-rich, but also thanks to customization, a tailored solution for different clients' needs.” says Greg Kazulak, the Co-founder and CEO of Positionly.

Positionly entered the crowded market of marketing software with competitors like Moz.com ($18 million), Conductor.com ($10 million funding back in 2009) and Searchmetrics ($12 million in 2012). The company expands on a variety of European, as well as American markets. It shows that there’s a high demand for SaaS solutions, that helps companies with marketing campaigns’ management and also are simple and easy-to use.

The Warsaw-based startup currently offers customized and price-competitive plans that combine powerful tools in SEO management: rank tracking, competitor analysis and backlinks checking. Positionly has a global presence but focuses on providing customer support on a local basis. With the new Marketplace, Positionly will continue to fulfill customer demand on a need-by-need basis.

Krystian Wlodarczyk

About Positionly

Positionly provides an easy-to-use SEO management solution by helping customers track, analyze and improve their results. It has expanded its client base to include ESPN, Webstract, Paylane, Gengo, TUI, Regus and Jobber. Based out of Warsaw, Poland. Positionly was founded in March 2012. The startup has received funding from investors such as, Point Nine Capital, Protos VC, Alexander Bruehl and Mariusz Gralewski. For more information, please visit www.positionly.com.

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