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MyAutoData lets drivers manage their data themselves and earn money

Munich, July 2nd, 2020: Cars today are connected on many levels - with online-based service providers, the manufacturer or entertainment providers. The vehicle data collected in this way is more valuable than ever before and is used extensively – for marketing and development reasons, for example - by the vehicle manufacturers. Many consumers are however unaware that their vehicle data is a real treasure trove. It must be protected accordingly: Insurance, registration, MOT, repair, leasing, purchase or driving data - until now, there has been no way for consumers to store and use this data digitally in one place and securely protect it from unauthorized access by third parties. The start-up company MyAutoData from Munich has made it its goal to change just that with the MAUD data vault.

MyAutoData, MAUD for short, functions as a closed ecosystem: vehicle owners can manage their data here in a self-determined and protected manner and also earn money with an access authorisation that is granted to the participating companies. Or they can save money through discounted offers, for example from insurance companies. MAUD also functions as a logbook. Companies can query the released information in a legally secure and GDPR-compliant manner. On the integrated marketplace, users receive offers of services and products for their vehicles at the push of a button. Membership is free for vehicle owners and companies.

The idea for MAUD came from Manfred Heiss. Heiss, who had already worked for many years in management at the software company Oracle, promoted digitization at BMW and wrote for the German government's Data Protection Foundation as an author, actually only wanted to set up a private data storage for himself. This then developed into the MyAutoData project. His many years of know-how as a software and data specialist in the automotive industry helped Heiss to develop the platform.

User regains control over his data

Heiss explains: "Car manufacturers and IT giants like Amazon and Google make a lot of money with our data - even though they don't own it. The realization that we are actually the legal owners of our data is not only confirmed by the GDPR, but also increases the need for self-determination". So why leave the field to the big corporations alone? Heiss wanted to change that. And so the idea was born to simply imitate them. But better and more sensible for everyone involved.

Win-win situation for consumers and companies

With MAUD, vehicle owners worldwide have the opportunity to manage their data securely and self-determined and to earn money with it. To make this work, audited companies can perform analyses of the released data on the platform for a fee. The data is largely anonymous and cannot be extracted from the platform. The user decides for himself which data he wants to unlock and can reverse this at any time.

Companies such as car dealers, car insurers or garages receive highly up-to-date, high-quality and legally compliant real-time data directly from the owners on the platform, and this across all manufacturers, as well as driving- and vehicle related . An advantage for the vehicle owners: On the MAUD Marketplace they can request service offers for their own car or motorcycle, e.g. from workshops, with just one click - the users thus only receive relevant offers and always the best value for money.

Marketplace principle is reversed: C2B instead of B2C

At MAUD, companies can only post their offers in response to concrete, real requests or send individualized advertising if the vehicle owner wishes so. Via the C2B marketplace they receive leads through direct requests for quotations from vehicle owners, generate new sales and customer potential and save big on advertising and customer acquisition cost.

Data protection first and foremost

In addition, MAUD protects its members' data in the best possible way against cyber attacks by fragmenting the data and storing it in different databases. These databases as well as the servers are additionally cryptically encrypted. Access to data is only possible within the system by the respective user, never by other persons or even from outside. "We neither sell nor market e-mail addresses or data to third parties," says Heiss.

Closed system ensures safety

The software was developed in a strictly confidential project in cooperation with the data specialized software company Itransition - which already realized projects for customers like eBay or PayPal. During the three-year development phase, MAUD was repeatedly tested for security and practical suitability.

MAUD is a closed system. The MAUD web app was developed with open source tools and is compatible with all modern browsers, operating systems and devices. For the easy provision of driving data the app MAUD Connect was additionally developed. This app transfers data directly to the personal data storage of the vehicle owner. The app works with both iOS and Android devices.

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MyAutoData lets drivers manage their data themselves and earn money

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About MyAutoData

MyAutoData GmbH was founded in 2019 by the former manager at database provider Oracle and data protection specialist Manfred Heiss. As a mobility platform for vehicle data,'s aim is to store vehicle data in a secure and immediately accessible location in digitally encrypted form. MyAutoData (MAUD) is a free GDPR-compliant database for personal data such as insurance data, registration data, MOT data, repair invoices, leasing data, purchase data and optionally data on driving style and trip (driving data). Users can store and analyze their vehicle data on the platform and earn money with it in a self-determined way. On the MAUD Marketplace, vehicle owners can request offers for their own vehicle or motorcycle, e.g. from garages, with just one click - users thus only receive relevant offers with the best price-performance ratio. The MAUD platform and the MAUD Connect app were developed by MyAutoData itself. The data is encrypted and distributed across several databases on servers in Germany.

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