Compete or collaborate? Fintech Brains get active for Global Entrepreneurship Week

On Friday 17 November (Fintech Friday), in celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2017, finance and technology entrepreneurs, investors, accelerator leaders and industry disruptors from Germany and United Kingdom will join forces to generate ideas and create action plans forecasting a future for Fintech beyond #BREXIT.
This meeting of minds is broadcast from 12.00 noon CET live for an hour from Level 39, London and online at Event participants will be guided through a fresh thinking exercise designed to encourage lateral and literal thinking. Disrupting usual thinking, broadening perceptive by sharing diverse opinions, collaborating constructively and creating new connections, participants will conceptualise innovative ideas and open opportunities for the future of Fintech.
A common consensus is expected to emerge from the parallel thinking that participants engage in during the brainstorm. This will provide the Fintech sector with insight and understanding in how best to develop projects and future plan.
Expert speakers include Gerrit Glass (Business Development Director of Finleap), Asif Faruque (Head of Content, Level 39) and other leading Fintech influencers. Celia Gates (author of From Brainwave To Business and founder of the Global Brainstorm) will chair this creative conversation. Participants are invited to post comments and questions directly to the panel whilst developing their own ideas by contributing to a collective mind map, published live and available after the event.
Insights, understandings and open source ideas gained from the brainstorm will be shared with the Global Entrepreneurship Network, the Fintech UK and Fintech Germany communities and for the benefit of individuals and organisations looking to optimize operations.
“A conversation like this isn’t taking place anywhere else.” says Marc Ortmans, UK Chair of the Global Entrepreneurship Network.
If you’re:
• Developing an innovative Fintech idea.
• Building a Fintech business.
• Interested in Investing in Fintech.
• Educating or empowering entrepreneurs.
• Policy planning in this sector.
• Studying business or management.
• Wondering what Brexit means to industry operators.
You’re invited to participate in Fintech Friday, Global Entrepreneurship Week and the Global Brainstorm. Entry is free but for details and live links you must register in advance:
This event is organised by GEN Europe member countries, GEN Germany and GEN UK in celebration of the 10th Global Entrepreneurship Week which this year expects 10 million people to participate in over 170 countries.
With your help we have the opportunity to set a world record in collaborative brainstorming. For further details about the event, please contact RKW Competence Centre Alexandra Koch;, GENUK Chair Marc Ortmans;, or Fintech Friday moderator Celia Gates;
Social Share:
• We will be using the hashtag #FintechFriday for the event.
• GEN UK Twitter @TheGENUK
• GEW UK 2017 Twitter @GEW UK
• GEW UK 2017 Twitter hashtag #GEWgo
• GEN Germany Twitter @RKW_Experten
• GEN Germany Facebook
Further info:
• GEN Global
• Gründerwoche Deutschland (GEW Germany)
• Global Brainstorm

Über das RKW Kompetenzzentrum:

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